Ways to Improve Your Walking Routine

Walking ranks as one of the simplest yet most effective ways of working out. Additionally, it is a low-impact type of workout that puts little stress on your muscles and bones. Due to that, it is good for senior citizens and folk struggling with obesity.

For starters, it can be an excellent exercise to start your fitness journey. However, did you know that there are ways through which you can tweak your walking routine for more health benefits? One such technique is by adding extra weight.

Walking Routine

Adding extra weight yields extra resistance, forcing your muscles to work even harder. This will often lead to improved strength and endurance levels. Nonetheless, adding extra weight to your walking routine can be quite challenging, and doing it the wrong way can do more harm than good.

Get Yourself a Weighted Vest or Belt

Wearing a weighted belt or vest adds extra resistance in the midsection of your body. The extra resistance on your muscle tissue forces the body to burn extra calories to support the additional weight.

This will often lead to strength and muscle gains. Besides that, packing lean muscle will also help you lose body fat.

Don’t Use Hand Weights Over 3 Pounds

For every workout or exercise, maintaining correct posture is essential. Similarly, when you are doing your walking routine, keeping the right posture plays a very significant role. Using hand weights that are over 3 pounds will put too much strain on your arms, affecting your walking stance.

Ideally, when walking, you should keep your back straight, shoulders relaxed and engage your abdominal muscles.

Try the Farmers’ Walk

The farmers’ walk is a type of bodyweight workout that involves carrying heavy weights and walking for a distance. This workout helps improve your arms and core strength alongside building stability.

Herein, workout supplements can help you improve your form, and train even more effectively. You can check out muscles fax for amazing deals on steroids and other performance-related drugs.

Pole Walking

Engaging your upper body when walking is very important. A proper walking routine should have you swinging your arms and making use of your upper-body muscles. Trekking poles can help you use your upper-body muscle groups when walking.

They will also help you adopt the correct walking posture.

Since you’re now adept with how you can use weights, here are some other standard approaches that’ll help boost your walking routine.

Use Inclines

Walking uphill or climbing a flight of stairs adds extra resistance to your walking exercise. The idea here is to always opt for inclined surfaces over flat surfaces. This will help you work your glutes, hamstrings, legs and upper-body muscles more.

Swing Your Arms

Swinging your arms as you walk improves your posture and will also help you walk faster. However, what’s more important, it helps you engage your upper body. Keep your shoulders relaxed, and bend your elbows at 90 degrees.

High-Intensity Walking

Walking at a faster pace can help you burn more calories. You can always go for the one-minute repeat routine. Walk for 15 seconds at a slow pace, boost your speed and maintain it for 30-45 seconds before slowing down.

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