Why Mini Trampoline Is Excellent For Indoor Workouts


On springs or elastic bands, in the gym, in your garden or its (large) living room, the mini trampoline makes more than one jump. Many fitness clubs offer to practice “rebounding”, “trampoline”, or “jumping” on the same principle: bouncing on a jumping mat. Most often, the sessions are quite intense and composed of varied movements and choreographed to music. Scissors, jumping jacks, knee lifts, squats, side jumps, balancing movements. The combinations can give the initiates a hard time, but at the end of a session, everyone agrees on the same result: it makes sweat and it feels great.

If you have never tasted the joys of the trampoline before, discover the virtues of the “rebound” effect.

1. Jump Into Childhood

Bouncing on a mini trampoline has that regressive and carefree side that brings you back to childhood. Those most nostalgic for school will find the exercise much more fun than the elastic band used in ab-glutes sessions or the jump rope, which is difficult to hold over time. 

2. Tone Up And Burn Fat

The mini trampoline is a top cardio discipline. The different intensity levels stimulate energy usages. You burn calories quickly in a short time and at the same time strengthen your lower limbs (legs, glutes). Your abdominal muscles are also part of the game because the practice requires having a perfectly sheathed posture (abdominal strap contracted in particular).

3. Work On The Balance

Performing movements on the jumping mat creates constant instability. A key element to work on your balance! The sessions offered in class often combine a rapid sequence and slow and rapid movement that will solicit your deep and stabilizing muscles (back and abdominals).

4. Work On Endurance

Over the course of a session, breathing becomes more difficult. This is normal. The activity (aerobic type, that is to say, with oxygen supply) requires an increased demand for oxygen. With regular practice, you improve your cardiovascular and respiratory capacities.

5. Limit Injuries

On the mini trampoline, you can jump, run in place, oscillate without suffering the impact on the joints that you can have on the hard ground during a running session (with the shock of the impact of the foot on the floor). You thus limit the risk of injury to the joints, which in return become more mobile by dint of performing aerial movements.

6. Anti-cellulite

This effect, blood circulation in the trampoline session, will be explained by the fact that it is stimulated. In a few weeks, the orange peel flies away. To give you a more concrete idea, 20 minutes of jumping on the trampoline is equivalent to 1 hour 30 minutes of anti-cellulite massage. The blood no longer stagnates, and the flow acts as a “smoothing” agent for your buttocks and thighs. Tempting! Good advice? Practice every other day so that the skin finds new elasticity without cellulite.

7. Distracting

The psychological side precisely is a significant benefit. Unlike many other sports, it is not the secretion of endorphins that would cause this feeling of well-being. How to explain it then? The feeling of flight and freedom or even the impression of mastering a new balance. Many arguments are put forward. But the reality is that you hardly ever leave that bouncy mat without a smile.

 8. Cardio

It is precisely by alternating very rhythmic exercises with softer phases that the cardio will be strengthened. Jumping helps lower blood pressure during exercise and circulates greater amounts of oxygen throughout the body. Even the heart muscles are strengthened! After less than a month of practice, you are much less breathless.

9. Without traumatizing the muscles

Bouncing on a trampoline engages several muscle groups. Abs, leg muscles, back  A session can tone a large part of your figure. This activity, therefore, requires a lot of muscles but, above all, has the merit of not involving impacts on the ground. It is a non-traumatic practice that also works the joints.


So mini trampoline help to do exercise at home without going outside, which is safe during this corona period.

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