Teach Toddlers Brush Teeth Themselves

Ways To Teach Your Toddlers to Brush Their Teeth Themselves

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Teach Toddlers Brush Teeth Themselves

After taking care of your children’s teeth for nearly two years, when the time comes to finally hand over the brush to take care of their teeth all by themselves, it becomes a tedious task. Your toddler may most probably be familiar by now with how to wet the brush, put the toothpaste, and get on with the competition of brushing.

However, they may find it hard in taking care of the teeth all by themselves, as they may not be eager to do it alone. They may resist the task, but using certain tricks can help them teach your toddlers to take care of the teeth all by themselves. 

Ways To Teach Your Toddlers To Brush Their Teeth Themselves

Getting your toddler to brush and take care of the teeth alone cannot be an easy task. Dental habits hygiene can help alleviate the chances of the cavity, odor, and such related problems at a young age.

The various tricks to teach the toddlers to get them to brush their teeth themselves are:

The Dental Supplies

Let the toddler select their dental supplies. A vibrant and fun character on the brush’s handle may lead them to pick the brush daily. Let them choose the toothpaste of their favorite flavors.

Take Turns

It can be a challenging task, and you may be stressed that your children are not cleaning their teeth properly. Take turns and let them clean their teeth in the morning while you clean for them in the evening. This way, you can be stress-free, and they will develop this habit too.

Keep Your Expectations Low

Don’t take excessive stress if your child is not cleaning the gum or teeth properly. The early lessons are hard for them to adapt to, and they will develop the habit gradually with each day of practice.

Brush Along with Them

Join and brush your teeth while your toddler is doing their turn. Encourage your child by showing your example and making brushing a fun activity by introducing fun activities while brushing.

Find An Ally

Make sure to get your kid’s teeth to get a regular check-up and ask the dentist to praise and encourage them to brush their teeth with bamboo toothbrush regularly.

Encourage Them

Encourage your toddler to brush their teeth twice daily and set a healthy example by brushing twice and taking them along with you to do the same. You can also try different kind of toys for them during the growth of their teeth. Kids like to use the things look like toys and games like star stuffed toys offers.


These are some simple yet effective tricks in getting your toddler to brush their teeth by themselves. This can be a challenging task, especially if your child does not like the process, but encouraging them to do it slowly every day without skipping will help it become a healthy habit for a lifetime. Teaching your toddlers the importance of dental hygiene right form the start is crucial.

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