know suffering from depression

How to Know if Someone is Suffering from Depression

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know suffering from depression

Feeling low at several times can be a regular aspect as we all feel this way at least at some point in our lives. But, if you think that you are in the grasp of despair and hopelessness all the time, you may be depressed. Depression changes the way you think, view matters, act daily, react to struggles and setbacks, and many other such prospects.

To some, depression is like living in a black hole, while for others, it is the complete state of getting empty and pathetic all the time. You may feel any of these are times and may wonder if you are suffering from depression. Several indications imply that you are suffering from depression and if you find similarities in the signs, take the help of a counsellor.

The Varied Ways to Identify If Someone Is Suffering From Depression

The state of depression varies from person to person, with regards to their age, gender, social conditions, and such other related aspects. However, there are specific common indications among the sufferers that may help identify if someone is suffering from depression.

These indications to identify someone who is suffering from depression are:

Loss Of Interest in Everything

The person suffering from depression loses hope and interest in all the daily activities. They don’t care about their hobbies, social activities, or any such related activities. They lose all their ability to feel the joy and pleasure from almost any activity.


They feel angry or agitated even over small matters. They have minimal tolerance capacity and have a short temper that reflects when almost anything and everything gets on their nerves.

Changes In Weight

They undergo drastic weight changes; either loss it gains is they are suffering from depression. They may face a weight change of more than 5% in the tenure of a month.

Changes In Sleep Pattern

The sufferers of depression also experience changes in their sleep patterns. They may sleep for excessive hours or may confront insomnia.

Loss Of Energy

They feel tired at even small tasks; their body may feel heavy and seek sluggish all the time. Such persons may take it quite long to finish a simple job.

Reckless Behavior

They may engage in escapist behavior and interest in dangerous sports, reckless driving, and others.

Concentration Issues

Such persons who suffer from depression face severe issues in concentrating or giving complete focus to other works. They find it hard to make decisions and remember things.


Depression is a serious matter that needs attention and help from a counsellor or psychological treatment to get a complete cure. Discussing with your near ones or using a therapist holds utmost importance in curing this issue of depression. There are plenty of ways to get to know whether you are depressed or not, or whether someone of your known is depressed or not. It is important to take corrective measures at the earliest.

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