What Are Good 8 Team Building Activities for Employees?

Team Building Activities Employees

Building a strong bond between employees and team members is important to ensure that they all work towards the same goal. That’s why team-building exercises and activities are vital for all organizations. Individuals and teams can:

  • Improve communication, including how to communicate with specific employees
  • Improve morale and helping employees improve with specific tasks
  • Increase productivity & efficiency
  • Learn about every employee’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Establish relationships and bonds between employees

From the local marketing company to the international sports team, all teams need activities to bond and grow together. And we got eight of the best team-building activities for you.

8 Team-Building Activities

Get Active With Sports

Why not get fit and healthy while bonding with the team? Sports-based team activities are great to help establish bonds with your team, further encouraging them to win at specific events. And when we mean sports-based, it doesn’t have to be American football or hockey. We’re referring to the likes of archery, tag football, beach volleyball or soccer. Think of something light-hearted and fun.

Amazing-Race Game!

Who doesn’t love the Amazing Race? Break your team up into pairs (or groups of three) and let them off the leash in a bid to solve puzzles, travel the city and surrounding areas, and whoever finishes first wins the prize. You don’t have to be as creative or over-the-top as the original Amazing Race show, but something similar will help big-time!

Office-Based Trivia Night

Okay, this does not refer to The Office, the classic sitcom about life, in, well, an office. We’re referring to creating your trivia night based on questions about your office life. This is a fun and engaging way for employees to test their knowledge about past people and events, clients, and the lives of their fellow colleagues.

Escape Rooms

A classic go-to activity that works for almost every party possible. You break down your teams into different groups, set them aside to participate in specific escape rooms, and then wish them the best of luck to escape. It’s a great way to test their teamwork skills and communication, as together they solve the mysteries. Ensure you find a centre that offers various escape room themes.

The Debate!

Sure, no one wants to hear an argument break out in the office, particularly at a social event. But hear this one out. Choose a light-hearted topic where you know the debate is going to be pick-up from your employees. It could be as simple as “best sandwich for lunch”, “which Avenger movie is best?” and “Messi vs Ronaldo”. Friendly, low-stake arguments are healthy for cooperation and understanding the viewpoints of your team members while proving useful if more real-time, extreme issues arise in the future.

Board Games &….

You can never go wrong with board games. Think of all the classics: Monopoly, Pictionary, Cards Against Humanity; the list is endless and can appeal to anyone’s needs. You can break it up down to the individual and groups, ensuring that everyone is happy when playing board games.

…Video Games!

Mario Kart, Mario Party, FIFA, Madden – just like board games, there is a huge list of video games that allow multiple players. You can have a rotate system or schedule a fixture between each of the players. This ensures that everyone gets a go. And better yet, you make everyone happy – from the sports lover (FIFA 2021) to the fun-focused group (Mario Party).

Paintball, Water Balloon Fights, Archery Battles

What better way to take your frustration out on your fellow employees than by pillowing them with paintballs, water balloons or sticky archery. Break up the team, set up the battle lines, and let loose – it’s a hella of a lot of fun!

Building teamwork takes time, effort, and patience. It can’t happen overnight, but you can make it work to your advantage by organizing consistent team-building activities. This list should prove useful for you in the future. If you have more ideas, send them over!

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