What Are The Most Popular Orthodontic Treatment Options?

Orthodontic Treatment OptionsAided by technology, orthodontic treatment has evolved to bring you more options than in the past when wrapping wires around the teeth and holding them in position was by far a singular option. In modern times, you have the ability to choose between various types of braces and digital imaging and digital impressions. In turn, these developments have made orthodontic care significantly more effective as well as comfortable going through.

Let us explore some of the advanced types of orthodontic treatment available today.

3D Dental imaging and Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays have come as a huge benefit for orthodontists in examining the structure of your mouth in greater detail and better quality. Further, since these are digital images, your dentist also has immediate access to them saving precious time waiting for developing the images. A complete set of x-rays in a single 360-degree scan is also possible today with 3D images of your teeth with the help of i-Cat One Beam which is a 3D Dental Imaging equipment. Lower radiation is also another specific advantage with this system.

Digital Impressions

With digital impressions provided by the Itero Scanner, the making of braces has become much easier. This scanner helps orthodontists in Etobicoke with digital teeth impressions in place of the manual impressions in the past. The impressions can be viewed in only a few minutes after scanning the patient’s mouth. Further, digital impressions are also much more accurate ensuring that there are minimal or no fit issues with braces.

Copper and Nickel-Titanium wires

Copper-titanium or nickel wires are now replacing the traditional steel wires since they respond better to the heat in the mouth and tightening and bending more naturally when the teeth shift. This will bring down the number of appointments the patients need for tightening.

Temporary Anchorage

Temporary can be achieved through mini implants or mini-screws for help with shifting teeth that are more stubborn and braces cannot complete the treatment independently.

Robotic and CAD/CAM technology for wire bending

Most of you would have known about the lingual braces that sit behind the tooth than in the front. Robotic/CAD/CAM technology for wire bending in association with a digital scanner has now made this type of braces significantly more effective. Placing the wires and brackets behind the teeth can pose challenges for your Etobicoke Dentist and only certain orthodontists were able to perform this procedure perfectly. This new technology has come as a huge help for dental professionals.

Invisalign AlignersDental-Implants

With the an invent of Invisalign aligners, orthodontic care has undergone a sea change. In the past, metal braces were the singular option and patients were compelled to suffer the discomfort of wires and metal in their mouth for several months and years. For teens and tweens, this was particularly embarrassing since they are more focused on appearance. Invisalign has nearly extinguished this problem of metal in the mouth. Now, someone has to really look inside the mouth to notice that you are wearing braces. This is a huge shift from the glaring metal in conventional braces.

The design of Invisalign braces factored in the comfort of the wearer and is also more flexible. These braces can be conveniently removed when needed, without the assistance of a dental professional and put back in place. Therefore, when the person wearing Invisalign needs to drink or eat something, or even floss or clean his/her teeth, Invisalign does not pose a hurdle at all. However, it is essential that Invisalign is worn for at least 20 hours every day. In other words, every time you take these braces out, you must remember to put them back in place once you are done with eating, drinking, brushing or flossing.

Invisalign has many benefits too

Invisalign also brings you several benefits as detailed below:-


Invisalign is virtually invisible allowing you to present a beautiful smile without any embarrassment from metal braces.

Fewer restrictions with what you eat

With Invisalign, you can eat what you want. You simply need to remove your aligners before eating and put them back in place after the meal.

Easier to maintain compared to other braces

Caring for Invisalign is also easier since you only need to remove the aligners, brush them, brush your teeth, floss, and put the aligners back. Properly cared for Invisalign is significantly less likely to cause damage or cavities to the teeth in other ways.

Less painful

When you are using Invisalign braces, the pain is relatively much less when compared to metal braces. This is because these braces have nothing that pops free, scrapes or cuts gums or inside your lips. The overall experience from Invisalign is much less painful.

Free to play sports

With Invisalign, playing sports also gets a lot easier since you have the option of either keeping the aligners in or removing them for the duration of the sport. This flexibility, in turn, presents fewer limitations on life and activities.

Play musical instruments with ease

Playing with certain musical instruments can be painful and difficult with traditional braces. With Invisalign, you can bury all the worries on this count since these braces have no brackets.

Enhanced self-esteemIdeal Dentistry services

With a beautiful smile, you can enhance comfort and confidence in your appearance contributing to overall happiness and more self-esteem.

6 Month Smiles

6-month smiles represent an orthodontic treatment involving clear braces for adults concentrating on realigning only the teeth that show up while smiling. These braces are intended only for improving the cosmetic appearance of the smile and not correct your bite. An important benefit from this option is that you will not suffer the torture from a full set of braces in your mouth and the treatment lasts as much as 6 months as opposed to the 2-3 years that you need to wear the traditional braces.

Maintenance is also easier with 6-month smiles and you can take care of proper oral hygiene with ease. Since these braces do not cover all your teeth, it is a lot easier to access the entire dental structure and clean them effectively retting rid of bacteria and plaque.


Positioning yourself as an informed patient will help you get the best results from your Etobicoke Orthodontics.

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