Make Your Los Angeles Party Pop With Vintage Rentals


Whether you’re going for a classic vintage look or something more eclectic, vintage event rentals Los Angeles can help you create a memorable setting for any party or event. Gorgeously worn materials and unique pieces offer an artistic look that can mesh with any theme. Here are some of the ways you can use vintage rentals for a party.

Choose from a Curated Selection

Finding vintage items to use as decor can be a time-consuming process. Scouring antique stores, thrift stores, and estate sales can take weeks, but renting from a service that specifically provides vintage furniture saves time and lets you choose from a better selection. Party rentals San Diego offer a selection that is already optimized for use at parties, so you don’t have to worry about transporting a huge wood table or the structural integrity of a wicker chair.

Mix With Modern Styles for More Character

Vintage lovers tend to appreciate the qualities that can only come to an item with age. Wood that is well-cared-for develops a patina that can’t be replicated, glassware comes in colors and designs that are rarely seen today and old-school glamour is best conveyed with midcentury looks. When you find vintage items that you love, it’s easy to integrate them with other decors that are more modern. Farm styles fit in with rustic looks, vintage items from abroad are perfectly mixed with new bohemian pieces. The wear and age of vintage items will give an air of authenticity and character to any party look.

Get Unique Items

If your style is eclectic, quirky or if you love old things, vintage rentals are the way to go for any major event. Instead of soulless plastic foldable chairs, set out seating with personality, from velvet couches to gorgeous wooden pews. At a party, couches and settees will be appreciated for their comfort. Using vintage rentals helps you avoid the kind of plastic furniture that is nearly ubiquitous at wedding ceremonies and receptions. You can use vintage wedding furniture rental items to create a celebration that reflects your personality as a couple, whether that means adding luxurious velvet seating or a bar made of aged wood.

Use Classic Design Styles

When you use vintage rentals, you get access to timeless styles of furniture and accessories. For example, traditional buffet tables are made with ornate designs and add a touch of elegance when you use them as a bar or to serve food. Besides furniture, you can rent vintage linens and glassware, which is ideal for bringing your own feel to a small space. Vintage napkins often feature gorgeous and colorful prints that help set a mood and can be admired on the table. Key, classic items add a punch of personality and set the stage for other furniture and accessories that are less attention-grabbing. For example, a wine barrel bar table is ideal for an elegant wine country event.

Event rentals Los Angeles and San Diego are a great way to take the decor to the next level at any party. Family reunions, weddings, birthday parties, and even company parties can benefit from a vintage touch.

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