What Are The Fuel Options for A Fire Pit?

Fuel Options for Fire Pit

Do you want to spend the weekend with your friends and family enjoying a campfire? Have you set a fire pit for the campfire? Setting a fire pit in your backyard is no doubt the best choice to enjoy BBQ..

But, many are confused about using the best fuel for the fire pit. Besides having a campfire, fire pits can be a good option to keep you warm during chilled days.

Fuel options for fire pits

Previously people used seasoned wood for fire pits, but with modernization, different types of fuel are being used for fire pits such as bioheat fuel. Unfortunately, individuals are hardly aware of various fuel options for fire pits, and all can go through for detailed information.

Natural Gas

At present, many are opting for “Go Green” and want to use environment-friendly options for fire pits. Natural gas has emerged as an environment-friendly option to enjoy BBQ in your backyard. Methane is used for fire pits that in present time to keep the environment clean.

Seasoned wood

Seasoned wood has been used for fire pits in the past. Whatever fuel options are available today, wood burning fuel option seems the most popular among people worldwide. Individuals prefer wood burning for fire pits as they feel it is the most authentic and natural way for BBQs.

Kiln dried-out logs

This is similar to wood, but these possess extremely low moisture content. These logs get dried under an oven for a long time. These logs can provide a better fuel option due to low moisture content and help in low smoke. This will keep the environment cleaner than normal wood-burning fire pits.


Like natural gas, propane is also used for fire pits. Propane is more available in tanks than in pipelines. Hence it is convenient to use propane while you are planning for a BBQ and campfire with your friends. However, propane is more expensive than other natural gas, and you need to take precautionary measures while using propane.


Bioethanol Fire pits or Ethanol is also a good option for fire pits. The sources of Bioethanol are corn, rice, sugar cane, and other common crops. Hence, Bioethanol is known as environmentally friendly, and it is renewable energy.


Another fuel option for fire pits is gel fuel. This fuel is available in cans, and you need to place them inside the fire pit, taking off the label. You need to open the top of the can and set the fire. A gel can fuel last for more than two and a half hours.


Many prefer charcoal as a fuel option for fire pits. Charcoal is pre-burnt wood, and it contains the capacity to produce heat and is often preferred for controlled fuel. Charcoal is preferred for its’ easy availability and hassle-free usage. 


Hence, we have mentioned different fuel options available for pits. So, if you are planning for your BBQ, you need to know fire pits’ fuel options at your convenience.

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