What is Aquascaping? How Do I Start With Aquascaping?


The Beautiful And Delicate Art Of Aquascaping

When someone says the word “art”, you may instantly think of paint on the canvas, however there’s a new type of art going around, and that’s aquascaping!

This delicate art combines multiple elements of different aquatic ecosystems into one place, much like drawing a piece of artwork on a board with multiple colors.

In this article, we’re going to dive into this unique art, and explore the creative areas of it you may find interesting!

Let’s get started!

Aquascaping, What’s That?

In simple words, aquascaping is the art of decorating and shaping an aquarium. From planning the layout of your aquarium, to implementing complex plant structures, aquascaping deals with all the creative aspects of maintaining, keeping, and decorating an aquarium.

Whether you’re wanting to aquascape a small and simple betta fish tank or a sophisticated reef aquarium, you’ll be the “engineer of the project”.

Should You Start Aquascaping?

The simple answer: YES!

Decorating, and maintaining an aquarium is an extremely fun and rewarding hobby you should consider.

Don’t take it from just me, a recent study from the PMC found that aquascaping and keeping fish have direct ties to reducing stress.

So not only will your inner Leonardo Da Vinci shine while decorating the aquarium, you’ll also feel calmer and less stressed. It’s a win-win in our books!

Only real downside to maintaining an aquarium and doing aquascaping is that you’re working with live animals, which means you’ll have to care for them carefully! However, this can be an extremely rewarding process and can even boost productivity.

How Do I Start With Aquascaping?

Once you’ve made up your mind that you want to give aquascaping a shot, the next question you’ll have is “how do I get started?”

Getting started with aquascaping is extremely easy, in fact, you’ll only need to do three things, those are:

  • Step One: Buy An Aquarium Kit
  • Step Two: Find Inspiration For Your Aquarium
  • Step Three: DECORATE!

Step 1: Buy An Aquarium Kit

The first thing you’ll need to do is purchase a fish tank. The easiest, and most beginner friendly option to start out with is by going with an aquarium kit.

A high quality aquarium kit will have everything you will need to get started, from the glass tank, filter, and even aquarium heater, these kits will have it all for you to get your foot in the door.

Step 2: Find Inspiration For Your Aquarium

Once you’ve purchased your aquarium kit, you’ll now need to get an idea of how you want to decorate it. My personal favorite way of doing this is surfing pinterest for aquarium decoration ideas, but you can draw your inspiration from other sources as well.

Some people even decorate aquariums after movies!

The whole point of this step is to have an idea for how you want to decorate your tank.


Finally, the last step is to DECORATE!

Once you have purchased your aquarium kit and have an idea in mind of what you want the tank to look like, you can then purchase decorations and start aquascaping. You can decorate the aquascape using indoor plant growth lights, and put water-based plants, artificial grass, stones, and rocks.

If you want a beachy aquarium, you can decorate that with some aquarium sand and some driftwood. The whole point of this step is to put your ideas into reality!


Aquascaping is an extremely fun and rewarding art you should consider!

Starting out with aquascaping is easy as well, only requiring 3 steps!

Will you try aquascaping? Let us know in the comments below!

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