What Can You Do with a Degree in Illustration?

Degree in Illustration

You might have been studying Illustration in your university program and thinking, “What can I do with this degree?” Well, Illustration has plenty of jobs.

An illustration degree can open the door to many career opportunities.

If you want to earn a degree in illustration but don’t know where you should go, here is a list of jobs you can persuade after obtaining a degree in the illustration:

1. Art Teacher

As an illustrator, you can be a teacher. You can earn a degree in art or design and then teach at any level from elementary school to college.

There are many options if you want to teach art in high schools or colleges. You can become an art teacher at a private school, community college, or graduate school if you have a master’s degree.

Illustrators often work as art teachers, either in elementary schools or at the high school level. They also work in universities and colleges as graduate students and instructors.

2. Freelance Illustrator

After graduating from an illustration program, you can work as a freelance illustrator. You must create your portfolio by applying it to various design agencies and companies. After that, you can start working as an illustrator in leading illustration agencies.

Working as a freelance illustrator is not easy because it requires a lot of creativity and skill. You must develop the right ideas for your client’s needs and make them look great.

To become a successful freelance illustrator, you need to have good communication skills and work under pressure to meet deadlines. Also, you should be able to work well with others so that you can get help when needed.

3. Product Designer

Illustrators design products from clothing to food, toys, and packaging. The main areas of expertise are graphic design and web development.

Product design is a field of study that combines technical, creative, and business skills. It’s all about finding the right balance of aesthetics and usability. This field of study helps you to become a better designer so that you can create products that people love.

You will learn how to apply your art, design, and engineering knowledge to create products that meet customer needs.

You will develop an understanding of what makes products successful and learn how to build effective, innovative, and sustainable designs. The best part? You will begin working on your projects right away!

4. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers create logos for businesses and other clients, book covers for authors, magazine layouts, and advertisements for magazines, newspapers, and other media outlets. They also create illustrations for books, magazines, and newspapers.

Again, graphic designers are people who create visual communication in the form of advertising, websites, presentations, magazines, newspapers, and other media.

Graphic designers have a wide range of skills and knowledge that enables them to take on projects ranging from small business logo design to large photo-realistic illustrations for publications.

Graphic Designers play an important role in marketing communications. Their work consists of designing packaging for products and services and creating logos and trademarks for companies.

Furthermore, they create advertisements for companies and artists, design brochures and other promotional materials, create signage for businesses, and create web designs.


When looking at what you can do with a degree in Illustration, it all depends on your path and the types of illustrators hiring in your area. As is the case with many industries, there are multiple paths you can take and different types of employers that may appeal to you.

To make an informed decision about what you would like to do after graduation and hopefully before, research potential careers in Illustration thoroughly.

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