What Didn’t You Know About Your Pet Chameleon?

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Pet-ChameleonChameleons require specific care and are not very social pets. However, they are attractive with their ability to change color, surprisingly solid jaws, and ability to see ultraviolet light.

Chameleons that are bred in captivity are tamer than ones that grow in the wild. Healthy ones are vivid, active, and are usually calm and peaceful. Here are some facts about these amazing pets that you probably didn’t even know.

Another unique thing about these creatures is their tiny teeth that often make owners wonder, do chameleons really have teeth, and are they dangerous?

Chameleons Do Have Affection for Their Owners

Chameleons don’t express affection or emotions, but they do eventually grow fond of owners. You will notice that your pet grows less aggressive to being held or fondled overtime. However, chameleons don’t enjoy being held, so it may be a good idea to cuddle your pet only when necessary. Excessive handling can stress it out and make your pet more aggressive.

Chameleons Change Color in Tune with Their Emotions

Chameleons usually change color in reaction to conditions like temperature, light, and the color of their surroundings. However, studies show that chameleons also change color in response to their emotions. When their skin is exposed to light, the cells react based on the mood of the chameleon.

Certain breeds like Panther Chameleons can display a wide array of shades ranging from yellow to red. They generally turn red or brown when they are stressed and green when they are comfortable and happy.

Chameleons Can Move Their Eyes Independently

Chameleons almost have 360-degree vision and can move their eyes in their sockets. They are typically found in the wild, and the binocular vision makes it easier for them to spot their prey. Chameleons can almost see behind them with this unique ability and can also move each eye completely in different directions.

Chameleons Have Prehensile Tails

Most chameleon varieties have prehensile tails that they can use to grip and hang from branches and other similar surfaces. When chameleons are not using their tail to grip a surface, the tail usually recoils to a ball. They can’t lose and regrow their tails like some other lizards.

Chameleons Have Incredibly Long and Sticky Tongues

Chameleons catch their prey using their long tongues. The average size of their tongue is around 12 feet which is about three times the length of their bodies. A chameleon can spot its prey from a 20 feet distance. It makes a few rhythmic movements, gets close enough to the prey, and then uses its sticky tongue to capture the game and pull it into its mouth. Chameleons can shoot their tongues at a very high speed, making it difficult for the prey to escape.

Chameleons Have Plenty of Exciting Traits

If you have a pet chameleon, you probably have many questions like, do chameleons have teeth, what they like to eat the most, etc.  Several features make chameleons unique pets. They are beautiful, intelligent, and active and require special care from expert breeders. Chameleons can die from stress, so if you have a pet, ensure it is well cared for.

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