5 Tips For Healthier And Shinier Dog Fur Every Dog Parent Must Know

Healthier Dog Fur and ParentAll dogs are cute and beautiful, no matter how their fur is, but a shiny coat is a sign of a healthy dog. As a dog parent, you must be aware of how dogs sometimes keep scratching themselves. Minor scratching is okay, but continuous scratching means your dog may have possible skin issues.

Along with using the best dog shampoo for smell and itching, your dog needs some more care. Here are some tips to help avoid skin problems and give your dog a healthier and shinier fur coat.

1. Feed Nutrient-rich Foods to Your Dog

Sometimes a dull and itchy coat means your dog isn’t getting the necessary nutrients. A poor diet can cause your dog’s fur to itch and increase the amount of dog dander. Feed your dog food specially made for them that has all the necessary nutrients for their healthy growth. The effects of a healthy gut will reflect on the skin of your little furball.

2. Feed More Oily Fish for Omega 3

Omega 3 helps keep your dog’s fur healthy. Fishes like Tuna, Salmon, and Sardines are a great source of fish oil that contains a high amount of Omega 3. Feeding your dog more of these fishes can improve their skin health greatly.

You can also choose an alternative way of providing Omega 3 to your dog by adding fish oil supplements to their food. You can easily purchase fish oil supplements from a pet store near you.

3. Use A Good Dog Shampoo

If you are guilty of using your shampoo for your dog, it’s best to stop doing that. Dog skin is different from the human scalp, hence it requires additional care. Oatmeal-based dog shampoos are best for dog skin and fur. They help you thoroughly clean your dog’s skin and coat without damaging them.

If you think your dog’s fur is smelling, you need to look up the ‘best dog shampoo for smell’ on a search engine of your choice and do some research to find out the best one to buy for your dog. Dog shampoo will also remove any ticks or fleas from your dog’s coat.

4. Take An Expert’s Advice

Sometimes even with a healthy diet, your dog’s fur doesn’t seem to improve. In such cases, it’s best to take an expert’s advice. A quick trip to the veterinarian or a dog clinic will help you understand the underlying problem behind your dog’s unhealthy fur. The vet will guide you with the proper medications and tips to improve your dog’s coat.

5. Do Regular Grooming

Grooming is essential to keep your dog’s skin and fur coat healthy, even if you regularly clean your dog. Brushing your dog’s hair at least a couple of times per week will help you get rid of dead skin and keep your dog’s coat shiny and elegant.

Remember to clip your dog’s nails too. If you are not comfortable cutting the nails yourself, you can take your dog to a dog salon to cut the nails and maybe get a hair trim.

These were just some practical tips to ensure a healthy fur coat for your dog. Just remember to take good care of your dog and only use products specifically made for dogs to ensure the best results.

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