Fishing - Good or Bad hobby

What Do People Think about Fishing – Good or Bad?

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Fishing - Good or Bad hobby

A fish is a water animal that spends its whole life swimming in the water. Fish can live in an aquarium, pool, pond, canal, river, lake, and sea. Fish size depends on the types of species. There are over 33,600 known species of fish in the world. Here are some examples of different types of fish: Swordfish, Atlantic cod, Mackerel, Trout, Atlantic salmon, Tuna, Shark, Red mullet, Barramundi, Mahi-mahi, Anchovy, Haddock, Red seabream, Pollack, Ocean sunfish, Northern red snapper, Bonito, Emperor angelfish, Bluefish, Siamese, Black crappie, Goldfish, Oscar, Wels catfish, Guppy, Cisco, Banded killifish, European eel, Tench, Gold Line, and Clown Fish.

Fish is the fastest swimmer, a beautiful, colorful, and cute animal. It has soft skin, small eyes, and fins. People like to keep fish in small aquariums and ponds. Fish are symbols of fertility, rebirth, associated with Jesus Christ, the unconscious or higher self, change, luck, and feelings. But many people kill fish just for their fishing hobby, fishing sports, and eating. People catch small and big fish just as time passes. Some go to fishing spots and others find nearby fishing areas. 

Fishing: A Good Hobby or a Harm?

There are different thinking about fishing. Some people say it is a good activity for them and others are against it because fishing activities and hobbies hurt and kill millions of fish every year.

What Do People Say About Fishing Favour?

Fishing is a fun hobby and activity

Fishing is a hobby and activity that many people enjoy for various reasons. Some people fish for relaxation, as they find peace and calm in nature. Some people fish for the challenge, as they try to catch different species and sizes of fish. Some people fish for socialization, as they bond with their friends and family over a common interest. Fishing is a hobby and activity that can offer fun and fulfillment to anyone who loves it.

Fishing is a sport and an adventure

Fishing is more than just a hobby for some people. Fishing has become a sport that requires strategy, skill, and patience, and. Fishing also offers an adventure, as anglers explore different waters, encounter various fish species, and face unpredictable challenges. Fishing can be a thrilling and rewarding experience for those who enjoy the outdoors, nature, and competition.

Fishing is good for health

Fishing reduces stress levels by connecting you with nature and calming your mind. Fishing with friends strengthens your social ties and creates lasting memories. Fishing for food provides you with healthy and delicious meals. Fishing also boosts your vitamin D, confidence, conservation awareness, and economic value.

Fishing is necessary for food

Fishing is an ancient practice that has been essential for human survival and nutrition. Some people think fishing is necessary for food because it provides a source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and other nutrients that are beneficial for health. Catching fish from rivers, lakes, and oceans has become a big business. Fishing also supports the livelihoods of millions of people who depend on it for income, trade, and culture. Fishing is a way of life for many communities around the world.

Why Fishing Bad and What Do People Say About Its Agianst?

Fishing hurt the fish

Some people say that fishing hurts the fish because they feel pain when they are hooked, dragged out of the water, and suffocated. They argue that fishing is cruel and unethical and that humans should respect the lives and rights of other animals. People try to catch fish for their enjoyment and food, but lures australia hooks can injure a fish if they are taken away quickly.

It is an activity to kill the fish

Many people fish for catch and eat them as food. Fishing is an activity that involves catching fish from natural or artificial water sources. Fishing has become the big food market and trade. Small to big boats and ships are used to catch them from rivers, lakes, and oceans. After that, those fish are sold in the fish market and distributed to other areas. Modern fishing produces a huge amount of waste. For instance, shrimp fishing boats discard 90 percent of their catch in nets. More than 300,000 whales and dolphins perish annually. Around 100,000 albatrosses die from long fishing hooks.

Fishing impact on eco-system

Fishing can also have negative effects on fish populations, such as overfishing, bycatch, habitat destruction, and pollution. These effects can reduce the diversity and abundance of fish, and threaten their survival and well-being. Overfishing can lead to the collapse of fisheries and the loss of biodiversity. Fishing gear can also harm the environment by catching unwanted species, entangling marine life, and scraping the ocean floor. Fishing should be done sustainably to protect the ecosystem.

Negative Effects on the Environment

Some most common negative effects of fishing on the environment are overfishing, bycatch, ghost fishing, habitat destruction, marine ecosystem imbalance, pollution, dwindling harvests of targeted fish, food chain disruption, and improper aquaculture.

We are not in favour of hurting, killing, and eating fish for enjoyment and food. There are many other ways of doing fun and food for eating. Share your thoughts on this topic in the below comment section.

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