What Does Your Car Colour Say About You?

Your Car-Colours

The colour of your vehicle may reveal a lot about your personality and even influence how you drive. Many of us worldwide take great pride in the vehicles we drive and even more so, the cars we own. Ultimately, it’s known that there are three types of drivers.

Competent drivers – the kind of drivers who know what they’re doing, they are confident in dealing with hazards should and if they occur, and have a calming, optimsitic attitude on the road.

Overcautious drivers – this kind of driver doesn’t necessarily fit into any age gap, but the general consensus is that new drivers can be overcautious, as well as elderly drivers. These drivers most likely have two hands on the steering wheel at all times and have the potential to slow down traffic.

Reckless drivers – reckless drivers are self-explanatory, but these are the thrill seekers, who don’t necessarily obey the speed limits or the laws. They like to live life on the edge, quite literally.

Let’s dive into the car colours and your personality.

A survey by the new car finance company found that although drivers of grey vehicles like to stay out of the spotlight, those of red vehicles are bold, cheeky, and prefer to enjoy life on the fast track. Let us dive deeper into the range of car colours and what they say about you, shall we?

Black Cars

Black car owners typically exude refinement and have outstanding flair. They also value control, yet they frequently adopt a quiet demeanour to minimise unneeded commotion. Additionally, the second-most popular car colour in the UK is black.

Grey Cars

Grey or silver vehicle owners can be found to be realistic and frequently prioritise necessity above pleasure. They are quite dependable and frequently avoid the spotlight, so you can count on them to fulfill their word. They also have a tendency to adapt to society.

Gold Cars

Traditional gold car owners are more likely to stay with what they know than to attempt something new. Gold lovers also like comfort and can’t resist a little glitz and glam. Gold is one of the least preferred colours for new cars, nevertheless which is why we probably don’t see them that often out on the road!

White Cars

White car drivers tend to be clinical, very organised, and driven to rise to the top of society. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) recently released official statistics showing that white was the third most preferred colour for new cars in the UK.

Yellow Cars

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that people who drive yellow cars frequently have upbeat personalities. They have boundless energy and have positive outlooks on life.

Red Cars

Red vehicle drivers tend to be very sensuous and enjoy being the centre of attention. Although there may be some variations amongst the many colours of red, they are all vibrant, high-energy individuals who enjoy interacting with new people. Red was the sixth most popular colour in 2021.

Blue Cars

You can trust the driver of a blue car since they are probably dependable friends because they exude safety, and calm confidence, and are unlikely to be shaken. Nearly one in every six new car registrations in the UK is blue, making it the fourth most popular car colour.

Pink Cars

People who drive soft pink automobiles may be described as being in a constant embrace. They are lovely, sympathetic, loving, and nurturing individuals who always put others first. Similar to red and yellow car owners, if you have a pink car you might also have a bubbly and kind personality!

Green Cars

Drivers who choose a green vehicle generally live a balanced life and are very down-to-earth. They are grounded and humble and are noted for their straightforward and understated attitude to daily living. Drivers who choose darker greens are more conventional than those who choose lighter greens.

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