What is Automotive Fasteners and Types of Fasteners Used in Automobiles

Automotive-FastenersIt might sound incredible, but the average passenger vehicle has around 30,000 parts. Most of them are crude mechanical components but small parts of all kinds. From nuts and bolts, screws and washers, springs, retainers, and pins, every vehicle on the Earth is full of fasteners made out of metal or plastic compounds which have the very important task of keeping everything together. So, automotive fasteners might be small and invisible, but they are crucial for modern cars.

Types of the Automotive Fasteners

Automotive fasteners designate a large number of small parts commonly used in the car industry. Screws, bolts, rings, springs, clamps, spacers, and pins are all considered fasteners, as well as some small, engineered parts like inserts or bushings. All fasteners are made either from metal or plastic, depending on their size or use. Due to their nature, fasteners are used practically everywhere, from bolting the engine components in the engine bay to holding the door cards in the interior or even keeping the plastic grille in place. Some fasteners are removable or reusable, while others are destroyed the minute you take the part of. In most cases, those made from metal can be used again, but ones made from plastic cannot.

If you still cannot picture how vast and diverse the world of automotive fasteners is, some companies have up to 64,000 different items on stock! That is 64,000 different types and sizes of fasteners used throughout the car industry.

The Difference Between Tier 1 and Aftermarket

 The Tier 1 class means that a company designs, supplies, produces, and delivers automotive fasteners as OEM pieces for various car companies throughout the industry. Being recognized as a Tier 1 company means that products are up to the highest standards and have been thoroughly tested by engineers and customers’ quality evaluation teams. At the same time, there are aftermarket automotive fastener companies that produce replacement parts that are usually cheaper but less dependable. They are not used by car manufacturers during the production but used by repair shops as a replacement for OEM parts.

Although most brands use the same type of fasteners, some companies need specific designs or materials for their models. In most cases, innovative construction techniques, a new kind of body parts, or engine components requires a particular fastener. The automotive company works closely with fastener manufacturers in order to come up with the right design and type of material.

So it is the basic knowledge about the automotive fasteners and their types.

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