What is Diversity Training, and Why Does it Matter?

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We should live and work in a society where no one gets left behind, and no one gets overlooked. As a society, we have let stereotypes, bias both unconscious and glaringly obvious, hinder our global progress. Although progress is being made and will continue to be made, the current pace is too slow.

It is not enough to be ‘not racist’; it needs to be anti-racist. It is not enough to be ‘not sexist’; it should be anti-sexist. There are more, of course, there are. But what all this culminates in is a dire need for diversity and inclusion.

The workplace is one of the places that should have diversity and inclusion as part of every decision they make. It is unethical on every level to turn down hiring a candidate due to these factors, and yet it happens. Diversity and inclusion training can ensure that your company is putting the work in.

What are Diversity and Inclusion?

The Merriam-Webster definition of diversity is this: the condition of having or being composed of differing elements.

VARIETY especially: the inclusion of different types of people (such as people of variety cultures or races) in a organization or group.

Explaination number four of inclusion is here: the practice or act of including & accommodating people who have historically been excluded (as because of their gender, race, ability or sexuality).

So the logical combination of the two? This is where an establishment will actively support a diverse workplace and ensure there are no barriers, enabling everyone to achieve equality within that setting. It should mean that regardless of age, gender, race, religion, mental health, physical abilities, background, and sexuality, what matters is their skill.

Sounds easy? Well, not really. The issue is that there is systematic racism, sexism, ableism, and classism at play almost all the time. This means that the people doing the hiring will hire based on more than just the skillset – their bias will come into play. Candidates who deserve the job will get looked over in favor of those who ‘fit’ according to the person with the bias.

So how do you fix it then? Well, that is where diversity and inclusion training can make a significant impact.

How Do Diversity and Inclusion Benefit the Workplace?

There are several benefits to diversity and inclusion training, using a qualified professional diversity consulting firm like Global Learning Inc.


If your company hires a diverse range of individuals, you will have access to a significantly larger talent pool. Meaning you will have access to the most qualified individuals in the field.

Creativity and Innovation

People who think the same will always produce the same results. Having a more diverse workforce will give you a range of perspectives. You are strengthening everything that you do.


Diversity and inclusion shouldn’t be undertaken purely to gain good press – performative actions are easy to spot. However, due to the lack of companies ready to make a big difference and be truly diverse and for the right reasons, your reputation will be improved.


All too often, marketing campaigns and even products have been put to the public only to flop. Why? Because without those vital viewpoints and experiences from a range of people, you lack insight.

Why Does Diversity and Inclusion Training Matter?

Aside from the benefits to a company as a whole, diversity and inclusion can impact all of your staff.

When you equip your staff with skills, you want those skills to be used to produce high-quality work, bright ideas, and pump up your bottom line. Part of that is making sure that you are always getting the right person for the job. Unconscious bias training is the single most effective way to help your staff unlearn harmful ideas and beliefs.

Diversity and inclusion foster empowerment within your team too. It brings in a range of experience and characteristics that contribute to a better-informed conversation.

The bottom line is that diversity and inclusion is the only way for a business to truly thrive.

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