Jewellery Gifted by Bride Parents

What Jewellery is Gifted by Bride’s Parents on Her Wedding?

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Jewellery Gifted by Bride Parents

A wedding day is the most special and memorable day in a bride’s life. She gets married to a person who is her spouse, later he becomes his husband forever. She leaves her parental house and joins the groom’s family after this day. The bride starts getting ready many days before for this special day. She wears a beautiful wedding dress, accessories, and jewelry. She looks unique and catches the other attention.

A bride’s wedding dress includes her gown, veil, lingerie, shoes, jewelry, hair accessories, makeup, and jewelry. Most things she takes with her to the in-law-house including jewelry after the wedding. The bride’s parents gift the wedding jewelry that she wears on the marriage and take it with her so she can wear it after her marriage.

A Complete Guide to Wedding Jewellery Gifts from the Bridal Parents

Following is a guide to jewelry gifts from the bride’s parents on her marriage:


A bride’s earnest adornment is gifted by her parents on her wedding day. Exquisite gold earrings are an essential choice. Whether it is the dome-shaped jhumkas, dazzling chandeliers, dangle, chandelier, hoop earrings, or intricate studs, these pieces elevate her look, capturing hearts and memories alike.


The bridal necklace, a cherished gift from her parents, adorns the bride’s neck on her wedding day. Its delicate strands intertwine, symbolizing the union of two families. Each shimmering gem whispers tales of love and blessings. From intricately crafted Kundan sets to modern gold-plated pieces, brides can choose based on their style and the wedding theme. Whether it is a traditional temple necklace or a contemporary diamond-studded choker, the bride’s necklace becomes a captivating focal point on her special day.


When it comes to wedding rings for the bride’s hand and foot fingers, the choices are as diverse as love stories. From timeless solitaires to intricate designs adorned with diamonds, shining gemstones, and precious stones, each ring tells a unique tale. Whether you prefer the elegance of gold, dainty, the sparkle of diamonds, or the allure of polki, your wedding ring should reflect your style and symbolize eternal commitment.


Certainly! When it comes to bridal bracelet designs for weddings that are gifted by the bride’s parents, elegance and symbolism intertwine. A delicate bracelet can be a captivating addition to a bride’s ensemble. Consider intricate patterns, adorned with sparkling diamonds, pearls, or colored gemstones. The bracelet should reflect the bride’s personality and complement her wedding attire.


A wedding chain holds profound significance in wedding culture. From elegant short chains to intricate gold ball chains, their collection caters to diverse tastes. Whether it is a simple gold chain or a long necklace, these pieces enhance the bridal ensemble, evry jewels, radiating timeless elegance. There are some 

Forehead Tikka

Maang tikka, a centerpiece of bridal jewelry, symbolizes the union of two souls. Other options include forehead chains, ferronnières, teardrop rhinestone headpieces, and unique Swarovski designs. Crafted with intricate embellishments, these pieces evoke romance and elegance on the special day.


A bride’s nose pin, also known as a Nath, is an exquisite ornament that instantly enhances a woman’s beauty. For the bride seeking a touch of elegance, a delicate nose pin adorned with a single pearl or sparkling gemstone can be a perfect choice. This minimalist design complements any wedding attire, drawing attention to the bride’s beauty without overwhelming her look.


Anklet is another piece of jewelry. It is also gifted by the bride’s parents at her wedding. It is mostly made with silver and more rich people add diamonds to it. Bridal anklets, commonly known as payal or pajeb, hold a special place in the bridal trousseau. Statement anklets draw attention during functions, while dainty payal designs add an Indian touch to modern bridal looks. Floral anklets match the traditional vibe, and silver anklets exude timeless beauty.

In the realm of matrimony, the parents of the bride play a significant role. While not obligatory, it is customary for them to present a wedding gift to the couple. Gifts given by the bride’s parents to her during the wedding are not automatically considered dowry. It shows the parent’s love and gratitude for their daughter. Some parents choose gold jewelry, diamonds, and silver. However, all parents are not capable of gifting such expensive jewelry and ornaments. It is the bridal parent’s choice whether they want or not.

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