Materials Antique Vintage Watches

What Materials Are Antique & Vintage Watches Made From?

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Materials Antique Vintage Watches

There is nothing as fine as a hand-crafted antique pocket watch and many people like to collect vintage timepieces, particularly of the pocket variety, which is an attractive fashion accessory. We find it hard to understand how the watchmaker worked his magic without the aid of computers and state of the art machinery, yet manage they did and these wonders of engineering were fabricated from a range of materials, which we have listed below.

The Dial

The dial would either be made from metal or metal-coated with porcelain enamel and certainly not ceramic as many people mistakenly believe. Typically, a metal dial was simply a flat piece of metal that was embossed, printed or even painted, with many different colours and variations of what is after all, the face of the watch. Take a look at vintage watches on sale from reputable stores, where you can view genuine timepieces at affordable prices. When you are ready to add to your collection, you can browse at your leisure. 

The Case

The watch case would be made from a wide range of metals:

  • Gold – Gold pocket watches are plated or filled with the yellow metal, as pure gold is too soft for a watch case. There are a few solid gold pocket watches around and if you managed to acquire such a timepiece from antique watches Sydney dealers, or from trusted antique stores near you, it would be very valuable.
  • Silver – This was the metal used for making pocket watches for the masses. The majority carry the .925 fine mark, which means sterling silver.
  • Nickel Alloy – Mainly used by US watch makers, as it resembled silver and most used a mixture of nickel and copper, with a tiny amount of manganese. Nickel alloy cases were cheaper and more durable than silver and they quickly became the norm.
  • Platinum – Quite rare, a platinum pocket watch would have been commissioned as an individual piece and if you would like to search for a platinum vintage pocket watch, check out the online antique dealer, where you will find genuine timepieces at fair prices.

Care Of Antique & Vintage Pocket Watches

One must be extremely careful when winding the timepiece, carefully putting the knob into the right position, winding evenly. It is advisable to have the watch cleaned by a professional; most collectors do this on an annual basis and the best person to contact about vintage pocket watch care is the online antique dealer, as he has a working relationship with skilled craftsmen who really know their stuff. The timepiece should always be stored inside a felt pouch and stored in a dry place and aside from exterior cleaning, the timepiece should be cleaned by an expert in order to maintain the complex mechanism.

When you are ready to add to your collection of pocket watches, the online antique dealer has an extensive catalogue of fine antique and vintage timepieces, all in excellent condition. With a global network of other dealers, specific models can be sourced.

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