10 Fashion Accessories That Women Must Have to Look Stylish


Everybody wants to look stylish, beautiful, and updated according to the latest fashion. Mostly we wear trending clothes and carry other things that make our lifestyle comfortable and impressive. But covering your body with clothes is enough? You will look incomplete without fashion accessories. It is often used to complete an outfit and make you elegant. Fashionable women’s accessories are important details to complete your appearance. There are different types of fashion accessories available for personal style and taste.

A list of top 10 important fashion accessories are given below:

1. Purse or Bag

It is the first item that every woman must-have in your closet. It can be a purse, handbag, or shoulder bag. You can carry it when going outside either for shopping, traveling, or joining an event. It is an easy tool to keep things like cell phones, money or credit card, hand wipes, sunglasses, hanky, makeup bags, medicine, pen, jewelry, or vehicle key.

2. Earrings Ring, Necklace, and Bracelet

Women look incomplete without wearing jewelry-related accessories such as earrings, necklaces, finger rings, and bracelets. These show your personality, catch attention, and adds a pop of color when you wear jewelry.

3. Makeup Kit

It is the most favorite accessory for every woman. The women do makeup to look good, feel confident, more noticeable, sociable, and assertive. The basic makeup items for your makeup kit: are a mirror, lipstick, primer, toner, blush, nail paint, comb, brushes, kajal, eyeliner, face cream, and moisturizer.

4. Eyewear

It is another great fashion accessory that improves your look and visual health, better protection against dust and UV rays, stable, comfortable, and convenient accessory. Here are some trendy and fashionable glasses brands – Ray-Ban, Tom Ford, Persol, Oakley, Prada, Armani, Versace, Gucci. and Givenchy produces optics for all tastes.

5. Wrist Watch

Watch is not just a time watching an item, nowadays it has become a fashionable thing. It increases your style, confidence, and accountability. It comes with many types of straps or other types of bracelets, including leather straps, metal bands, gold, silver, or any other kind of bracelet.

6. Hat and Belt

The hat and belt are also a fashion statement and classic things. The hat is a stylish way to complete any formal or casual outfit. It also saves you from the sun during winter and summer. Whereas a belt is worn on the waist to secure or hold up jeans, trousers, or other articles of clothing. It can be worn with both formal or casual dresses.

7. Perfume

The perfume is used to smell good, feel good, and boost your mood & confidence. Perfume stays on clothes for a longer time and stops body odor caused by the combination of sweat and bacteria. So perfume is another important accessory that should be in your fashion closet.

8. Hair Band and Hair Pin

It is another fashion accessory to wear and control the hair on the head. If you want to look stylish, use the right hairband or hairpin that suits your hairstyle and put less pressure on your hair so the hair does not break while removing it.

9. Fashionable Shoe

Shoes are also on our fashion checklist. Choosing the right kind of shoe will diffidently make you more comfortable, fashionable, and prevent foot problems. Various types of shoes available in the market for a party, colleges, walking, shopping such as stilettos, mules, wedges, platforms, clogs, sports shoes, moccasins, army knees, and rain wellington boots.

10. Phone Case

Give your smartphone a beautiful look with a colorful or unique case. It will also protect your phone from drop, dust, scratches, touch screens protection, and anti-slip. Mostly women or girls like the colorful, designer, and text quoted cell-phone cases.

It thinks you may have already most of the fashion accessories. If anything misses, store it. What is your favorite fashion accessory?

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