Immediate Action After House Fires

What Should Be Your Immediate Action After House Fires

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Immediate Action After House Fires

We don’t know what will happen next in your life. Our home and life are always under unwanted and unknown risks. It could be a natural disaster or a human-made disaster. Natural disasters that impact your house include floods, hail, thunderstorms, avalanches, earthquakes, cyclones, ice storms, landslides, tornados, and more. Human-made disasters that impact your house include mining, structural collapse, transport, explosions, and fires.

House fires can impact your home and life more than other disasters because house fires have devastating consequences. Fires cause property damage, business interruption, personal injuries, emotional trauma, litigation, and financial loss. Nobody wants their house to get fired due to the following reasons.

The most common causes of house fires

  1. Cooking accidents and gas cylinder blast
  2. Heaters
  3. Intentionally lit fires
  4. Cigarettes and smoking
  5. Laundry, dryer, and faulty appliances
  6. Chemical fires
  7. Barbecue grills
  8. Candles and lanterns
  9. Electrical tools and Faulty electrical wiring can cause sparks and fires.
  10. Overloaded power boards
  11. Dry trees and grass
  12. Charging devices

These are the most common causes of house fires. There can also be other reasons.

What to Do Right After a House Fire

So what should you do right after the home fires? What should be your first action? Check out the following things that you can do;

Find a safe place for you

First and foremost, find a safe place to keep safe yourself. Your life is more important than other things. If you are inside your house, and can’t come out due to a fire barrier, find a safe place where fire and smoke cannot reach you. Otherwise, you can go outside. Installing a fire alarm, and smoke detector can give you a pre-alert so you can take action in advance. Once you are in a safe place, then start thinking about the next step. 

Find a way to extinguish the fire

So how can you stop the fire from spreading and getting worse? I know, you are not a firefighter, but if the fire is still in a small area in your house, it is not worse and out of control. You can also extinguish the fire at your level. Every home must have a fire extinguisher to stop the wire. A fire extinguisher discharges a jet of foam, water, gas, or other material to extinguish a fire. It helps to stop the fire instantly. Other ways are sprinkling a large quantity of salt or bicarbonate soda over the fire, through the wet cloth on fire, removing fuel, oxygen, and heat, and interrupting the fire chain reaction. You can also use a fire blanket to smother small house fires.

Take help

If you cannot handle and extinguish the fire at your level, call the fire brigade. It is a team of firefighters that control and extinguish the fire. They are professionally trained, and skilled, and provide emergency services, and rescue people, property, or houses from harm during fire events. They have proper gear and equipment such as fire vehicles, fire suits, fire helmets, gloves, boots, fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, ladders, and more things. They are always ready for any kind of emergency and reach the fire sight when an emergency call comes to their office. Firefighters play an important role in a dangerous situation. They also have to keep others and their own safety by following proper fire decontamination procedures after exposure to fire, smoke, combustion byproducts, and other hazardous materials during firefighting incidents.

Don’t get confused and shocked, when you fall into this situation. Stay calm and relax. So that you can save your life other’s life, and property from fire damage. 

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