Fire Extinguishers Be Located

Where should Fire Extinguishers Be Located in Home and Office?

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Fire Extinguishers Be Located

Fire extinguishers can be a small but important part of the home fire as well as office fire safety plan. They can save lives and property by putting out a small fire until the fire department arrives. It cut down the supply of air to bring down the temperature of the fuel.

Here are the places to keep a fire extinguisher in your home and office.

To avoid putting workers in damage, a fire extinguisher should be located throughout the workplace readily accessible in the event of a fire. A fire extinguisher should be placed in spots that are easily accessible and visible in case of emergency, such as against a wall in a high-traffic area, mounted on the appropriate brackets, hallways, laundry rooms, meeting rooms, kitchens, mechanical or electrical rooms, and near exit doors.

Fire Extinguisher For Every Floor: The National Fire Protection Association recommends having at least one fire extinguisher on every floor. Now, this should be followed in both the homes and as well as offices because if you have a fire extinguisher Strategically placed in the middle of each floor, everyone can easily access them during a fire.


More than half of all the fires in the home begin in the kitchen. The National Fire Protection Agency NPFA 10 dictates that you must have at least one fire extinguisher ready for use in the kitchen. a fire extinguisher in the kitchen should be within 30 feet of the stove, so it can be accessed quickly in case of emergency. But it shouldn’t keep it under the sink, dusty old corner, or immediate vicinity of the stove where smoke and flame could b


In case you have a fire pit or a grill on the patio, then you must keep a fire extinguisher nearby just in case the flame grows a little bigger than what you were expecting. Keeping it on the patio will ensure that everyone will remain safe and able to access the fire extinguisher in case of emergency.

Laundry Room

The laundry room is also a good place to store a fire extinguisher. Many home fires begin in the laundry room each year. Fire extinguishers start with the dryer in your laundry as the link connected to it is extremely inflammable and can catch fire while you operate the dryer. Keep the place around the dryer clean.

Office or Workplace

Fire extinguishers should have in every workplace as nobody knows when an electric circuit or any other subsistence can become the cause of office fire. Fire extinguishers could be located near the stairs, hallways, server rooms, stores, or cooking places. You can choose different types of fire extinguishers.

The Garbage And Workshop

Inflammable materials such as oils, paints, gasoline, and other solvent are often stored in garages and workshops. If you have the propensity of storing such inflammable material in the garage or workshops, these things can spark a fire. The best location to mount a fire extinguisher in the garage is near the exits. 


Many home fires happen during the overnight hours, so it’s wise to keep a Fire extinguisher in your bedroom. So that can help you to stop a fire in its initial stage only.

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