Subjects School Students Struggle

What Subjects Do School Students Struggle and How Can Tutors Help?

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Subjects School Students Struggle

Every student has different brain power and interests. They choose the courses according to this because they know what they can study, learn, and remember. Some choose difficult subjects and others easy. There is a number of courses and subject that students choose according to their future goals and financial ability. But when you are in school, there is less number of courses. 

What Subjects Do School Students Struggle With the Most and How Can Tutors Help?

Today we will discuss what are the subjects with the most students who struggle, feel challenges, and cannot solve and study without a tutor. So let’s find out the most difficult subjects for school students and how can tutors make them easier.


Engineering is a challenging subject for most students because it requires a lot of mathematical and scientific skills, as well as problem-solving abilities and creativity. Many students find it difficult to cope with the heavy workload, high expectations, and competitive environment of engineering courses. Some of the common struggles that engineering students face are language proficiency, faculty shortage, high fees and expenses, lesser exposure to reality, lesser industry interaction, lack of absorbing capacity, and employability.


Mathematics is a subject that many students struggle with for various reasons. Some of the common factors that make math difficult are a lack of understanding of the concepts and methods, math anxiety, lack of concentration and attention, learning difficulties, and difficulty relating math to real life. To overcome these challenges, students need to practice math regularly, develop a positive mindset, seek help from teachers and tutors, use engaging and interactive tools, and find ways to apply math to everyday situations. Mathematics can be the most easy subject if you just know the right technique to solve the sum.


Biology is a fascinating subject that explores the diversity and complexity of life. However, many students find it difficult to learn because of various reasons, such as the abstract nature of some topics, the large amount of content, the lack of practical work, and the ineffective teaching methods. Some of the most challenging topics are matter cycles, hormones, respiration, cell division, and genetics.  O-level biology tuition can help students overcome these difficulties by providing clear explanations, visual aids, interactive activities, real-life examples, and personalized feedback. Tutors can also motivate students by making biology learning fun and relevant.


Philosophy is a discipline that challenges students to think critically, logically, and creatively about fundamental questions of knowledge, human existence, and morality. However, many students find philosophy difficult because it requires them to engage with complex arguments, unfamiliar terminology, abstract concepts, and diverse perspectives. Moreover, philosophy does not offer definitive answers or solutions to the problems it poses but rather invites students to explore, question, and justify their own views. Therefore, philosophy demands a high level of intellectual curiosity, openness, and rigor from students, which may not be adequately developed or supported by the current educational system.


Learning other languages except for your mother language is also challenging for the students. Especially for non-english countries. Where they have to learn their native languages plus English. Learning a foreign language is a challenging task for many school personnel and students. Some of the reasons why they struggle with language learning are lack of practice, motivation, unrealistic goals, fear of making mistakes, and inadequate exposure to the target language. To overcome these difficulties, students need to take responsibility for their own learning, use appropriate methods, speak the language as much as possible, and seek feedback and guidance from teachers and peers. Learning a language can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience if students adopt a positive and proactive attitude.

So if you are facing difficulties in learning, understanding, and solving the above subject concepts, you have to take the help of a tutor because the tutor is the master of their field and has good knowledge of a particular subject.

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