Best Easter Baskets

What’s In The Best Easter Baskets?

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Best Easter Baskets

Growing up, the best Easter baskets were the ones that were so colourful! A familiar sight was seeing baskets stuffed with Rafia fillers and bold, pastel plastic eggs that hid bountiful treats inside. In which case, it made it all the more rewarding to see after a long Easter egg hunt. Similar to Halloween, Easter is a time for treats – you’re excited about what chocolates or candies you might get.

However, a key difference between Halloween and Easter treats is how it’s given. When it comes to Halloween, you don’t have much choice in what type of treats that you end up with. You can only hope you get what you want.

But when it comes to Easter, you can curate what treats to give out. It’s a lot more personalized. Part of what was great about receiving an Easter basket growing up was knowing all your favourite chocolates and candies would be inside. There was no hoping for what you would get because everything you loved was all in one place.


When it comes to Easter, a staple treat in almost every basket is chocolate. However, there is one piece of chocolate that sets itself apart from all the rest. It’s an iconic treat in every Easter basket – a big statue of a chocolate bunny.

You can put whatever chocolate you want into an Easter basket, but it won’t truly encapsulate the Easter spirit without that big ol’ chocolate bunny. An Easter basket is simply not complete without one.

Great additions to any Easter basket are any and all forms of chocolate eggs! Eggs have traditionally been associated with Easter from time and immemorial. It’s been a symbol that has represented the ushering of spring through its associations with fertility and birth.

You can find the classic chocolate bunny and an assortment of chocolate eggs from just a few of our popular baskets like our basket or Favorite Easter Gift basket!

Eclectic Goodies

Not exactly a fan of chocolate? Don’t fret! There are plenty of other treats you can stuff in place of chocolate.

With Easter baskets, you can get more creative with what you want to include. If anything, it gives you the opportunity to cater more towards another person’s tastes if you’re wanting a more personalized basket for someone.

Instead of opting for the typically sweet route for an Easter basket, you can choose to find savoury treats that still pair well! Some great savoury goodies that you can include: are pretzels, specialty popcorn, and even some artisan cheeses.

If that sounds like something you or someone you know would love, our Easter Gourmet Gift basket would be perfect!


Even though half the fun of receiving an Easter basket is eating all the goodies that are inside, it’s nice to have a small gift that’s more tangible like a plushie. With a plushie, you can at least have it as a memento. If anything, it’s the one thing in your Easter basket that will last longer than anything else in it.

Some popular plushie ideas for most Easter baskets have always been either a bunny, teddy bear, or even a chickadee bird to name a few. However, you can always get creative – you can choose whatever plush is more in line with someone’s tastes.

The inclusion of a plushie in an Easter basket isn’t atypical – many of our Easter baskets do include them! A few popular Easter baskets with plushies that we have are our Easter Sensation Gift basket, Egg Hunt Gift basket, and the Easter Adventure Gift basket. 

For Easter egg baskets, it truly is all about what’s on the inside. We figure by highlighting a few sure-fire staples for your Easter basket, you can have a solid foundation for what most people expect to see in their baskets. After all, they are hallmark goodies, to begin with for a reason – most people love them! In which case, you can guarantee that anyone receiving your Easter basket would be satisfied no matter what.

If you’re looking for some ideas on how to make the best Alexandria Gift Baskets got you covered with some of our handy suggestions above!

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