Which Form of the Dancing is the Best and Trending these Days


Dancing has been practised from time past as it’s a means of expression and showmanship. A different form of dancing has been in existence for ages and to date is still trending, while others are contemporary trendy dancing styles. But the common aim of both ancient and recent dancing style is for celebration.

Are looking out for the best form of dancing to learn? Do you want to consider taking lessons in trendy dance? Then this article is for you as we have put together the best form and trendy dance of these days. Below is our listing. If you want to know more about dancing and its forms, check dance bibles, which is the most interesting and useful blog about dances.


This style of dancing has been in existence for over a century ago, and yet it’s still trending to date. Although it is tough to practice, and it involves rigorous training to learn the basics. But, the complexities involved makes it more exciting, especially the coordinated movement and soothing songs.


This form of dance began from the African tradition during the slave trade period. This dance involves the use of the hand and stamping of the feet on the floor to create rhythmic sounds. This dance form has been in existence for a very long time. Subsequently, the Civil War came and ended- still, tap dance evolved and became a form of entertainment in Hollywood. Since then it has been evolving up till this very hour.


This form of dance requires high energy because there is no rule and restraint toward the dancing style and pattern of jazz. It is believed that jazz evolved from ballet dancing and tap dancing from Africa. Presently, it is one of the most modern and followed forms of dance globally, because it gives freedom of expression to the dancer.

Hip Hop

This form of dance is popularly known as street dance. It is common among Americans because it originated from pop songs and raps. One primary difference between hip hop and jazz is that in hip hop dancers can interpret the songs with their body move freely. Breakdance and twerking is a type of hip hop dance as they involve pop-lock movement. You can find more of these dancing styles in night clubs and bars.


This form of dance is believed to be rebellious dance as when it came into existence in the 18th century. It rivaled against the popular dancing style of that time, i.e., Ballet dance. However, most people could not just understand the relationship between dancers and the floor. In contemporary times, this dance has been loved by many for its excellent techniques and coordination.


This dance is the perfect mixture of both ballet dancing and jazz dancing. It involves the expression of your emotions, slow flow and coordination of the body parts. Special shoes, also known as lyrical shoes, are worn when dancing for protection. This dance is dynamic in its styles while simultaneously subtle. It shared in a different region of the world especially in America

Belly Dancing

This dance originated from the eastern part of the world, and its focus is very different from the other form of dancing. While jazz, ballet, and hip hop dancing focus on the feet and hand, belly dancing focus on the stomach, hip, and torso as its point of attraction and movement. This form of dance is usually performed individually by the dancer without any partner involved.

In conclusion, all of these forms of dance, as mentioned above, have their respective steps and proper coordination that allows freedom of expression. These dance step is gaining popularity right from when they are founded to date, and it is worth giving a try to one or more.

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