How to Clean Air Purifier Easily at Home

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How-clean-air-purifierGreat air quality is essential for healthy living, especially since most people spend most of their time indoors. So using an air purifier will make your life healthier and refreshing. Because if you don’t have a clean air purifier then you won’t get any service from it, whether you have an air purifier or an expensive one. So knowing how to clean an air purifier should be your first priority.

Furthermore, an air purifier will give you fresh air without dozens of different types of particles like dust, hair, dust mites, virus, fungi, bacteria, allergens, odors, VOCs, and many others, which is very harmful to your health.

So if you want to take full advantage of an air purifier which you obviously want then you should first know how to clean the air purifier and keep it in working shape.

Do you need to clean an air purifier?

Cleaning your purifier should have precedence when the purifier filters stuck particles like dust, pollen, hair, bacteria, virus, odors or even mold particles. And it is even more important to clean your air purifier if you or a family member relies on clean air to control asthma or other respiratory conditions. Regular cleaning of your air purifier prolongs their lifespan.

Filters need to be cleaned over time so that your air purifier can work efficiently and prevent stuck residues from returning to the air.

Steps to cleaning an air purifier

To solve a task efficiently and accurately you need to know everything about it. If you do something without proper knowledge, then this work can bring the opposite of your benefit. If you start cleaning the air purifier without knowing how to clean it properly, there is a possibility that it will be damaged. And we surely don’t want your hard-earned money to go to waste.

Soo… here are some step-by-step guidelines for properly cleaning an air purifier.

  • Protect yourself when cleaning. Wear a protective mask and gloves, if you are suffering from severe allergies and asthma or if your filters are capturing a strong contaminant.
  • Unplug the air purifier unit before moving or cleaning the air purifier. Also before opening the grill or changing the filters. To disconnect the unit, be sure to pull the plug, not the cord.
  • Use a damp cloth to wipe down the outside dust.
  • Carefully place your fingers in the air purifier and open its door. When the grill is slightly open, gently pull in the front and top. Open the front door and remove the pre-filter frame to test the pre-filter.
  • Wash the pre-filter with soap in hot water if it contains dust, lint, or particles. Piece of advice, Due to extra frequent operation wash your pre-filter every month, if your air purifier is in a place where there is a lot of dirt, you can clean more in this case.
  • Some filters are designed to be disposable but most of the filters are washable. Moreover, dirty filters are usually covered with contaminants, so you should use a plastic bag to clean accumulated dust quickly from your air purifier.
  • To completely remove most dust you can use high-pressure air.
  • Using a vacuum cleaner for cleaning the particles stuck with the filter will also come in handy.
  • After cleaning the filter, let it dry completely before installing it in the air purifier. If the filter is wet then your air purifier will not work as efficiently as before, so you should completely dry it before using it.
  • Plug the air purifier into the power outlet and enjoy some clean fresh air!


Air purifiers need to be cleaned regularly to keep our lives healthy and get dust-free air. Regularly cleaning helps to maximize the life of the machine and optimize your indoor air quality during operation.

Cleaning your pre-filter once every month will make it long-lasting. Besides, it won’t take that long, and now that you know the steps make it very easy for you. Plus, who would not love to save some money!

Therefore, air purifiers should always be kept clean.

You should however change your filter as per the manufacturers’ instructions (6 months or 12 months).

Hope you got the answer to your question on “how to clean air purifier”.

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