Who is the Richest Athlete? Top 10 List

Richest Athlete in the world

The salaries and incomes of successful athletes can outshine the profits of big business owners. Many of them have long been not just millionaires, but multimillionaires. So they are quite calm about the fact that someone is trying to make money on them.

So who should you look up to?

10th place: Giannis Antetokounmpo

This is a young basketball player whose career is just beginning. Nevertheless, he managed to earn about $81 million last season.

9th place: Tom Brady

The quarterback in American football has gained fame as “unmercenary”, because he does not ask for huge fees, despite his incredible popularity. But this did not prevent him from becoming richer by 84 million dollars.

8th place: Saul Alvarez

Mexican boxer who “knocked out” $90 million.

7th place: Roger Federer

This tennis player should learn how to work with sponsors. For sporting achievements, he got all 700 thousand. But side activities brought 90 million.

Actually, as in the life of betters: you get a “penny” at work, and you earn real money on bets in a reliable bookmaker or company.

6th place: Kevin Durant

A successful basketball player who in 2022 sank a little in terms of income, but at least received 92 million.

5th place: Steph Curry

Another representative of basketball with 93 million. He is consistently in the TOP 10, but so far he has not been able to break into the top three.

4th place: Neymar

A Brazilian football player who unexpectedly flew out of the TOP 3, although he had been firmly in it for years. But given the World Cup, most likely in 2023, he will return to it. In the meantime, 95 million give only the 4th position in the ranking.

3rd place: Cristiano Ronaldo

Despite the fact that the footballer “fell poorer” by 5,000,000, he managed to gain 115 million. Given the upcoming World Cup and character traits, it is still worth betting on him – he takes his own image and well-being extremely seriously. Therefore, he will try to “squeeze” the maximum out of the situation.

2nd place: LeBron James

He set a kind of record for a basketball player still playing: the number of financial receipts exceeded 100 million. In total, 121 million were received into his account.

1st place: Lionel Messi

If you make a sports forecast and set odds for the possible winners of the rating of the richest athletes, then many bookmakers and bookmakers will bring Messi to the favorites. We have every chance to remain TOP 1:

  • Guaranteed salary of 75 million;
  • Football championship in Qatar, which increases interest in football and attracts sponsors;

he is an Argentine, he plays for his national team, which occupies the first lines of quotes of all applications, companies, specialized tabloids, and publications. So there will be many offers for advertising.

In the meantime, he received a total of 130 million / per year and became the richest athlete according to Forbes. How to do it? Yes, just download the betting application on your phone and start playing. With a little bit of luck, keeping track of sports predictions, and choosing profitable odds, you can get much closer to your idols.

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