5 Product Packaging Ideas Save Money and the Environment

Product Packaging Ideas

Every product or good comes in packaging whether it is your electronic gadget, food, online shopping item, or other consumer goods. Companies or people pack the things in packaging because it makes easy transport and logistics, safe to keep in warehousing, sale, and end-use. Packaging also protects and help contains the product, preserves, informs, transports, and sells.

There are many types of packaging material is used such as paperboard boxes, corrugated boxes, rigid boxes, plastic boxes and pouches, chipboard packaging, foil-sealed bags, and poly bags. Some packaging material is eco-friendly, but plastic packaging material pollutes the environment more than others.

The companies spend time and money on product labeling and graphic and color designing, sizing, status, and logo making on these packaging boxes and pouches. There are many unnecessary things that they do on it.

Top 5 Packaging Ideas to Save the Environment and Money

So, let us discuss some of the useful eco-friendly packaging ideas for your company.


Normally we see a box or pack size is bigger than the actual product size. Many brands are doing this mistake. However, their opinion is about “it makes transport safe, handling easy, and stored properly.” But some big brands like Apple, Samsung, and a few more have started selling the product in small box sizes. Online sellers send shopped items in bigger boxes. Which increases their cost, generates waste, and is also harmful to our environment. The companies should design the packaging according to their product size.


Sometimes online sellers and brands wrap the product in many layers which also generates paper, plastic, and cardboard waste. It increases the cost, takes more space, and landfill impact.

Over-designing and labeling

You may also notice that some product boxes have an unnecessary design, printing, and labeling. Companies put product information letters, logos, plastic stickers, custom mylar bags with logo, and filming that also cost them more and generate waste material.

Recycled and Reusable Packaging Material

Reusable product packaging is made of recyclable materials that can be designed and built to last for years, refurbished, recovered, or re-manufactured. It will save the cost and very eco-friend packaging idea. Daily tuns of packaging boxes are moved and torn around the world.

Use Corrugated

Cardboard packaging gives maximum protection and flexibility. It is easy to customize, great for branding, biodegradable, cost-effective and sustainable, lightweight and recyclable, and reusable. It easily dissolves in soil and go away over time.

So these are some basic ideas for product packaging that may help you a lot.

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