Who Should Wear Contact Lenses and Who Should Not Put In


Switching to Contact Lens offers solace for people who are facing difficulty in wearing Glasses. Although providing easy access and relief is becoming the best option for their optics, it doesn’t suit everyone. If anyone has the idea to start using contact lenses, first need to have doctor’s suggestions and go according to Doc’s prescription. Keeping aside the part of contact lenses in a fashion sense is the medical devices, contact lenses don’t go easy with everyone to use, because sometimes it has a chance of causing serious eye problems.

Let’s see for whom contact lenses are preferable and for whom not.

Who should wear contact lenses?

In most cases, glasses are preferable to everyone. The suggestion made to use contact lenses was a correction in vision accuracy rather than glasses visibility under the conditions of anisometropia and antimetropia.


If the refractive power of one eye varies from another eye, here creates an unequal focus in visuals. This occurs when both eyes are in different shapes, causing astigmatism, hyperopia, or myopia.


When the refractive power of both eyes is in asymmetry with one eye in hyperopia and another one in myopia state, it is referred to as “Mixed anisometropia.”

People with anisometropia and antimetropia use glasses to start causing problems like double vision, loss of depth, frequent blink, alternate vision, eye stress, uncomfortable vision. For these people, a contact lens is ideal to avoid problems.

Why are contact lenses ideal for anisometropia and antimetropia?

Unlike glasses, in contact lenses, the visual distortions don’t disregard a different refractive power of both eyes. The power of lenses and distance from eyes to lens creates distortions. Hence, to avoid the visual distortions and problems mentioned above with anisometropia and antimetropia, lenses are preferable compared to Glasses.


Weakening of Corneal tissue due to an imbalance of enzymes results in keratoconus. At the mild stage, a soft contact lens is used to control this problem, but when the problems turn out to be serious, then there are other treatments available. The soft contact lens is customized which is made when ordered only.

Who Should Not Put In?

 Ditching Eye Glasses will make you happy for comfort, accurate vision correction, and of course also for fashion purposes, but not the same in all cases of glass-wearers. The following information gives you the reasons for not allowing them to use contact lenses.

Chronic Dry Eye Syndrome

This syndrome makes the eye produce very few tears, which are insufficient to retain the eye moisture. Even in this condition, some companies produce contact lenses suitable for this type of eye condition, but they cannot lock the eye moisture.


In epidemiologic studies, crystal clear smoke creates a high risk for an eye when using contact lenses. It reduces the corneal sensation, decreases the stability of the tear film, and reduces Lysozyme concentration. Increase the greater risk factors of microbial keratitis, development of cornea infiltration.


Some people are very sensitive, and their body doesn’t support mingling with all kinds of products. Contact lenses are one of them. Being a sensitive and essential part, it is necessary to avoid the contact lens if any itching and irritation appear after use of the lens. They may be allergic to solutions used for cleaning lenses.


Touching the lenses with unclean hands makes aid for infections. Not cleaning the lens after long-term usage of the same lens is not preferable habituation.

To have smooth usage of contact lenses, responsible behavior plays the key role in taking care of contact lenses properly, and cleaning makes them succeed in a long time. Many lenses like Gas Permeable Contact Lens, Piggybacking Contact Lens, Hybrid Contact Lenses, Scleral, and Semi-Scleral Lenses, Prosthetic Lenses are used according to an eye condition with a Doctor’s prescription.

People who should not use contact lenses do not need to be disappointed because there are many eyeglasses that give the same functionality range, which is nearer to contact lenses and aids in adding fashion sense to your personality.

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