Air Conditioner Makes Noise

Why Air Conditioner Makes Noise – Tips To Fix It

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Air Conditioner Makes Noise

Air conditioners are here to make your life easy. While you are lying on your bed enjoying the cool air, for one moment, you are happy. However, in the next moment, you might be unhappy with the noises coming from the air conditioner. When the AC starts making noise, it indicates some issues with the device. You need to fix the problems.

Reasons why air conditioner makes noise and some tips to fix it

Buzzing Noise:

You can hear the noise near the outdoor unit of the air conditioner. You might also hear it inside the home around the air handler. The buzzing noise indicates an electrical problem with the AC. Some of the common reasons include wire parts or a dirty condenser. It might also tell refrigerant leaks or the blower is out of balance. When you’re AC makes a noise that is buzzing and loud, you need to check the problem. It is essential to ask experts to repair the AC. Ensure you hire a reliable repair company.


The unwanted clanking noise indicates a loose compressor that you need to replace. Clanking happens due to failure of the inside sealed unit. Repairing is out of your hand, so hire an expert. In some cases, the fan blades might be creating clanking noise. It is because the fan blades go out of balance as they hit places inside the air conditioner. If you fail to hire the experts, the problems can create a bigger issue.


Banging is one of the most annoying sounds that come from your AC. The loud noise indicates a broken or loose part. Normal variants and different factors can lead to noises. The chances of compressors outer casting damages hi. It is because these parts hit the compressor first. When this happens, the AC stops working. It fails to cool your room as the refrigerant has the damages. You need to call an AC repair expert. They can change the compressor for the AC to be working again.


You might hear a faint or a slight clicking sound when you turn on or off your air conditioner. There is a problem if you hear the sound every day. It can be due to 2 reasons. Most common is that a small object is stuck in the blower fan of your AC. If you switch on the AC and it doesn’t start working, there’s an electric issue. You need to inform the technician if any problems arise.


AC makes a hissing sound when there is a bad valve or duct leak. This is because the copper lines wear and tear with time, leading to the escape of the refrigerant. The leak makes a hissing noise as the pressure inside the coil is high. The best option is to switch off the AC if the AC makes a hissing noise.

If you face any problems, you must consider hiring experts to check the HVAC tune-ups.

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