Why are Nike SB Shoes so Good?

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Ever heard of Nike sb shoes? Well, if not, you’re in for a nice treat. If you’re a skater looking for a new pair of kicks while avoiding that “Side Striped” schoolboy look, try giving Nike a shot.

Last year, the estimated brand value of Nike rose to $34.8 billion; without a doubt, Nike is the world’s largest producer of athletic shoes and apparel. They are also the NBA’s official uniform supplier but don’t let that carry you away because Nike sb shoes are worth it.


The sole is probably the most important part of any skateboarding shoe. It’s the thing that separates you apart from your deck while connecting you to it. Thickness, flexibility, durability, and grip are some of the most important characteristics of a good outsole. Buying skate shoes just because they have fat slabs of rubber for soles isn’t a particularly good idea.

Nike’s vulcanized sole will last you a good amount of skating sessions without the added weight. The outsoles will probably be the last shoe component to give in, so always consider the parts discussed below:


Most reviews would say that Nike SB shoes are ridiculously thin for skate shoes. Most of the time, it’s a red flag, but in this case, it’s not. The relatively thin soles are compensated by the Zoom Air unit, Nike’s patent insole. Besides the EVA midsole, the insole greatly reduces impact and allows the user to spring back faster, thanks to Nike’s Zoom Air Technology.

Feel and grip

As a rule of thumb, thickness will always compromise control. While thinner than the average skate shoes, Nike SB redeems itself with quality feel and control. Brand new Nike sb shoes are stiff and hard at first, but that’s when the break-in period comes next. The break-in period might be discouraging at first, but after a few tricks, Nike SB shoes will feel like an attachment of your feet.

Rather than the typical waffle pattern, Nike SB shoes have a plethora of sole patterns to choose from. Don’t let the Nike SB Dunk’s odd sole deceive you because the circular patterns are very grippy.  A tried and true classic, Nike SB Janoski RM’s sole features a deep herringbone pattern capable of superior grip, which will last for ages.


Other than the tough vulcanized outsole, Nike SB features some overlooked components. The suede is durable while maintaining flexibility and doesn’t tear up easily. Aesthetics aside, the stitching does a great job keeping the entire shoe together. Nike SB Tre A.D. even features Kevlar-reinforced laces that even the most hard-core skater will find difficult to rip apart.

Other Things to Consider

Skating is an extreme sport, so the gear you should be using should be exceptionally hardy. While not all skate shoes are made the same, their service-life would still depend on your frequency of use, skate style, and choice of board tape.

Maintenance will surely extend your shoes’ longevity – just because you’re part of a countercultural community doesn’t mean you have to clean your treasured pair of Nike sb shoes. Gluing and reinforcing your shoes are commonly practiced to prolong service life without breaking the bank. Remember to choose your shoes wisely because sometimes, it’s the fine line between a full-cab and a cab ride to the E.R.

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