Car Turn Off Driving on Highway

Why Does A Car Turn Off While Driving on Highway?

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Car Turn Off Driving on Highway

There is nothing worse than having your car suddenly shut off while driving down the road. It can be very frustrating and sounds like a pretty scary situation. This problem can come at any time and without warning. Here are the most common causes why your car shuts off while driving.

Causes of Car Turns Off While Driving

1. Faulty Crankshaft Position Sensor

The crankshaft position sensor is a part of the timing system. The purpose of the crankshaft position sensor is to monitor the speed of the crankshaft and send a signal to the computer when the piston reaches the deadener. This will tell the ignition and fuel system when to fire and spray fuel. When the crankshaft position sensor suddenly fails while driving the signal will cut off and cause the engine to stall.

2. Faulty Fuel Pump

The purpose of the fuel pump is to deliver fuel to the combustion chamber. When the fuel pump suddenly fails, no fuel will spray into the combustion chamber. The motor will shut off. and you will be left stranded. The driver will notice the engine stalling out of nowhere.

3. Failing Alternator

The function of the alternator is to produce power and charge the vehicle’s battery. When the alternator is failing, the driver will notice a decrease in power due to weak spark, headlight dimming, radio volume decreasing, engine misfire, slower acceleration, and so on. Eventually, the engine will stall due to low fuel pressure and no spark.

4. Faulty Computer

The computer is the brain of the vehicle and it communicates with various sensors. Its main purpose is to make calculations and to keep the engine running at the most optimal performance. Without the computer, the computer will not be able to interpret data and give out commands such as ignition timing. When the computer fails, this will cause the engine to stall. One of the common causes of a computer failing is heat. Poor computer placement will expose the computer to exercise heat and cause it to fail.

5. Main Relay

The function of the main relay is to supply power to the fuel system such as the fuel injectors and fuel pump. It also supplies power to various engine components. When the main relay fails, there will be no power to the fuel pump, no power to fuel injectors, and various engine components may stop functioning.

6. Faulty Camshaft Position Sensor

The camshaft position sensor role is similar to the crankshaft sensor. The camshaft position sensor determines which cylinder is in its power stroke relative to the crankshaft position delivering fuel and spark to the engine when you step on the accelerator. The camshaft position sensor signals to the computer. When the sensor fails, no signal will be sent to the computer. This will cause poor engine performance and intermittent stalling.

7. Multi Failed Ignition Coils

Usually, ignition coils fail one at a time. It is rare for multiple ignition coils to fail at once. However multiple ignition coils can fail or stop supplying power to the spark plug. For example, a ruptured heater core loss can leak cool onto the ignition coil and cause it to stop working. Also, engine oil leak due to a bad spark plug tube seal can leak engine oil onto the ignition coil.

8. Damaged Wires Or Loose Connection

When the wire or connector is loose on significant components such as the crankshaft position sensor connector and camshaft position sensor it can disrupt the signal and current flow. This will cause the engine to stall since the computer needs input. Without input, the engine will stall. Also, loose or damaged wire affects the ignition and fuel system.

At last, the best way to deal with this problem is to prevent it through regular vehicle servicing and maintenance, And by practicing a good driving manner.

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