Videographer vs Video Production Company

When to Hire a Videographer vs a Video Production Company?

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Videographer vs Video Production Company

Creating powerful and high-quality video content can be challenging, but it’s so worth it. It’s not a secret that people tend to choose video content over text. It’s easy, attractive, and an innovative way to reach your target audience without trying to force them to read your blog posts, stay engaged with social media content, or long EDMS and eNewsletters.

From our conversations with many clients, we have a feeling that one question is bothering the majority of the businesses when it comes to producing professional videos. And that revolves around the benefits of hiring a video production company.

The question is: when is it worth hiring a professional videographer and when is it appropriate to go with a video production agency?

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of choosing a video production agency vs hiring a videographer and vice versa.

Evaluate the scope of the project

The first thing you must do before making any decision is to evaluate the scope of the project. Are you wanting to film only one video or is it going to be a series of videos? To find the answers to these questions you must have a clear communication strategy and know the main goal of this move.

Are you going to introduce your new product or service? Are you planning to change your company’s branding? Or maybe you would like to introduce your business values in a more compelling and attractive way?

When you know exactly what your vision is and how big the task is, then you can start thinking about who is going to implement your ideas. Hiring a videographer might work if you’re after a short and non-complicated video. You will benefit from hiring a single person if you are after a quick result and ready to be hands-on yourself.

If your vision includes multiple videos or if you don’t want to invest a lot of time in finding the best solutions. Then choosing a video production agency would be your best solution. You can be sure that they will take care of all aspects of the project including having the right equipment, preparing the filming area/location, and making sure everything goes according to plan.

Understanding the difference

A professional videographer is usually a person who captures the moments of an event (it can be a party, wedding, corporate event, etc.). In most the cases, a videographer will not give you any insights about the best ways to promote your video, or he will not engage with the audience.

If you’re after engaging your audience or selling a product – then most likely you are after an agency as well. A professional agency will be able to provide you with the best solutions on how to engage with your potential target audience, they will be able to provide you with a communication strategy and the best ways of reaching your customers.

One of the biggest benefits of choosing a professional agency is that its video production team will be able to provide you with professional video services in Ballina and can guarantee compelling and engaging content. Also, most likely you will have a team of experts who will be able to consult you about the best lighting, location, or anything that is related to the project.

As a team, we’re also able to work more effectively.  This means better quality content, faster delivery, and great results.  From pre-production strategy to a talented crew on set, to exceptional video editors in post-production, having a solid team ensures your final edited video is 5 stars.

The last but not the least advantage of hiring an agency is that it has a portfolio of clients, and it means that most likely they are already familiar with your industry and are able to provide you with the best solutions and practices. You will not need to invest in training or spend time showing them the ropes because most likely they already know where to start. 

A videographer might be a good solution when you have a small project and need someone onboarded quickly. Most of the time a videographer will be a cost-effective solution for your business as you are hiring a single professional rather than a team of professionals.  Examples might be interviews or testimonials from customers.  Coverage of an event.  Maybe you already have an editor, and simply need a shooter on the ground to capture and hand off the content?

A video production agency can certainly be the better option when there is a complicated story to tell or for your brand’s next thumb-stopping hero piece.  When professional visuals and strong messaging is important, sufficient time in pre-production, storyboarding, and location scouting is critical to make sure the finished product delivers results. 

Knowing your goals might help you before choosing the right option for your business.  Both options are good if you know what you are looking for and what results in you are after. If you’re after an effective agency of professionals, who will provide you with the best solutions – then Value Imagery is ready to help!

The success stories we have had with clients are evident when the video content gets to work.  Good messaging equals great video marketing. Please contact us today if your business is in need of some engaging video content!

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