Why Does Mold Grow on Air Vents?

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Mold-Grow-Cause-Air-VentsMany homeowners must have noticed mold growth in their air vents. But it usually does not start growing first from the vents. It must have taken its presence from other places of your home and must have made its way through to the vents. Mold growth is usually not taken seriously and is considered harmless. But if left, it could give you a drastic result. The only solution for mold growth is to stop its growth the moment you spot it.

The growth of mold happens because of two reasons. They are,

  • The poor ventilation system in your house
  • Leakage of humid air into your home

The above two reasons act as a major role in the growth of mold. Before going into detail as to how to stop it from going wild, you must first understand why it grows in the first place. This is very well explained by the air conditioner experts of FL, Weather Engineers. With years of research and study, the professionals of Weather Engineers have come up with a study as why they grow and its solutions to combating it. So, if you are looking for quality AC service near Jacksonville FL, then trust none but the air conditioner engineers, Weather Engineers.

Why Does Mold Grow in House or Air Vents?

It is impossible to prevent or avoid mold as it takes part in the natural environment. Mold comes into existence when it meets its perfect breathing recipe which is the

  • Moisture
  • Mold spores
  • Food source like wood, dust, drywall, and paper

Mold spores are inevitable and they always make their presence somewhere in the house. They also have their food source readily available. But to complete the mold life cycle, it needs moisture to make its breathing place. Since none can control or avoid mold spores and food sources, the only thing you can control is the moisture/humidity level in your house.

If there is a high humidity level in your house, then it will take no time to grow at a rapid rate. So what are the reasons for the high humidity level?

  1. Old Homes – Air Leaks – Aged homes are not good in controlling the outside air. They are not airtight and makes it an easy entrance. The outdoor air when mixed with cool air, condenses into water droplets on walls, windows, and other surfaces. The condensation then increases the level of humidity, giving it a perfect environment for mold growth.
  2. New Homes – Too Tight – New homes are the exact opposite of old homes. They are tightly packed giving no space for fresh air or to let stale outside. They are poor in ventilation giving the mold its place for growing.

How to Control Humidity Level?

If taken proper care and measure, the level of humidity can be controlled. New homes must have a good and updated ventilation system. Seek help from the professionals of AC installation Jacksonville FL for better distribution of fresh air. Consider installing energy-recovery ventilators and heat-recovery ventilators as they are effective and will control the moisture level inside your house.

For older homes, gaps and leaks play the main role for high humidity levels. So before opting for the updated system, first consult with your technician as to whether it will suit perfectly for your home. If not, try an individual room ventilator. This will help in eliminating dangerous air and stale and replace it with filtered and fresh air from outdoor. Also, fix the leaks as only then you can control the humidity level.

In places where the humidity level is high like the kitchen, try considering a dehumidifier. Check the pipes for leakage and get it fixed at the earliest. And during the warm months, the air conditioner must be set to dry settings. This setting will help remove humidity to a great extent because the fan will run at slow speed, allowing the AC to run a little longer.

Finally, one of the best never-failing technique is to get rid of the mold the very minute you spot it. If left untreated, it will spread at a much faster rate, damaging your home and its ventilation system. Keep your home sickness-free and comfortable with the help of Weather Engineers who will help you get rid of moisture and also solve all issues related to the air conditioner.

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