Why Dog Stretch Like Cat

Why Does My Dog Stretch Like A Cat?

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Why Dog Stretch Like Cat

Wondering why does my dog stretch like a cat? Sometimes, it happens that you notice something very weird in your dog’s behavior. I mean it’s understandable however sometimes, you just feel so curious about a dog stretching like a cat.

There can be lots of reasons behind that, and it’s up to you which one you want to choose or which one is relatable for you. As you spend lots of time with your pet, you are well aware of his habits, routine, and personality too.

In this article, you will explore some interesting reasons why my dog stretches like a cat. Not only this but you will also come to know some useful tips or recommendations which you can implement whenever you feel like your dog is performing some awkward yoga positions. Just make sure to stick to the article until it ends!

Why Does My Dog Stretch Like a Cat?

People actually get surprised when their dogs just stretch like a cat. In my opinion, it’s quite a mouth-dropping fact about dogs. I mean imagine your dog is stretching like a cat, well it’s weird.

But you can’t say that it’s bad, of course, it’s not bad however it doesn’t suit the dog’s personality I would say. There can be a variety of reasons behind that because there is a possibility, they are greeting you in that way when you are entering the house, or maybe they are sleepy.

Let’s just explore those reasons in detail!

Reasons Why Your Dog Stretches like a Cat

As is already mentioned that you can have a good number of reasons why my dog stretches like a cat. I’m sure, you will definitely relate to the following reasons and can figure out your pet’s specific one. Let’s dive into the details!

A Morning Stretch

There is a possibility that your dog has just woken up and started stretching its front paws. You know what this reason is one of the common reasons when it comes to why my dog stretches like a cat because that stretching is beneficial for the muscles.

Feels Comfortable With You

The second common reason is that the dog is feeling comfortable around you or with you. When it comes to this type of stretching, I think you should just enjoy it while looking at your dog because it’s known as a greeting stretch. Furthermore, there can be two reasons; one is an invitation to play, and the other one is to greet.

Want to Cool Themselves

When you see your dog extending its hind legs and laying with its belly flat on the floor, it means he is cooling himself because it’s a good posture during the summer months. For dogs, this trick works both outside and inside. Though if they really like doing this then you should care for their nails because they can make scratches too just like cats.

Upset Stomach

It’s quite obvious that just like humans, a dog’s stomach can be upset too. When your dog is stretching, it means he is feeling pressure in his stomach and this may decrease his unpleasant feeling.

Stretching Their Hips And Back

When a dog is lying flat on his belly and also his legs dragging behind him. See, you should check if he is injured but if he is not then there can be another reason for stretching.

Can Have Pancreatitis

Dogs who are having or start developing pancreatitis may stretch. Such dogs will stretch to lower the amount of pressure they are having on their stomachs that’s why they stretch. However, you can’t say that this is the only cause of pancreatitis.

Invitation to a Mate

Apart from diseases or injury, I think this is one of the common reasons why my dog stretch like a cat however this just applies to dogs who have not been neutered. There is a possibility that the dogs can stretch to invite or attract a mate.

Maybe Scared

I’m sure that this reason is quite surprising. I mean why will a dog stretch when even he is scared? Well, when you see your dog arching his back, however, his tail is tucked between his legs and his body has lowered down at the same time, this clearly shows that he is fearful of something.

Having Spinal Issues

You can’t be sure but yeah your dog may have spinal issues. These discs assist the spine to be flexible and also present in the neck and tail. If he is feeling pain or injury then he will stretch like a cat and maybe this will lessen his pain.


If a dog is feeling sleepy or tired then for sure you will stretch him like a cat because it usually happens when a dog comes from a long walk or maybe some other thing.

Need More Exercise

There is a possibility that your dog is feeling damn lazy and that’s why he starts stretching, plus he may need more exercise.

Getting Prepared For Exercise

Stretching actually prepares both humans and animals for exercise because it helps to warm up muscles. A dog actually starts stretching before he goes for any physical activity.

What Should You Do if Your Dog Stretches Like a Cat a Lot?

In my opinion, actually, you should know about some solutions to make your dog stop stretching like a cat. However, there is nothing to be worried about because sometimes stretching is healthy but again sometimes, you need to stop it. The following are the solutions for that;

  • Increase the exercise of your dog
  • Also, take him to any veterinary clinic
  • If it’s not usual then just do nothing


Why does my dog stretch her back like a cat?

You never know what is the exact reason behind stretching because when your dog stretches his back like a cat, there can be different reasons for that such as injury, upset stomach, an invitation or greeting, and something else too. If it’s usual then you should take him to any vent because there can be an emergency too.

Do dogs stretch when they love you?

Yeah, actually they stretch when they feel comfortable with you or when they see you coming back home or entering the house. This is their way of greeting however some people don’t believe this because they think it can’t happen that your dog just woke up and started stretching.

Why does my dog put his paws on me and stretch?

When you notice your dog is putting paws on you and stretching, it means that they want to communicate with you, or maybe they are expressing its love for you. This is their way of realizing how much they love someone. Plus, this can be something very sweet if your dog is making postures like this.

When Is Stretching A Cause for Concern?

It’s not a matter of concern sometimes because it can be very normal, and they may stretch because they are sleepy, hungry, anxious, or maybe happy and comfortable. However, sometimes when it gets so unusual, you shouldn’t avoid this because there can be an injury, upset stomach, or something concerning too.

How do you tell if your dog has a bond with you?

Well, you can figure out that in different ways. In my opinion, it’s a game of observation on how often you observe things because after that you can know your level of bond with your dog. The signs can be that they may keep tracking you or perform obediently and desire to be near you or others.


Dogs are very affectionate and loyal however sometimes they behave so weirdly. I mean just look at their weird postures of stretching. It’s not a matter of concern however this can be something that may bother or surprise you.

There can be a wide range of reasons why my dog stretches like a cat such as greeting, invitation, upset stomach, sleep, hunger, and many more. But you just need to find the most relatable to you plus if you don’t find it usually then there can be an injury or emergency, so make sure to consult with an expert.

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