Why Is Mold Dangerous To Our Health

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Mold-Dangerous-HealthYou have a beautiful home with an assortment of furniture and gadgets glorifying the look of your house. Apart from beautifying your house, you also need to take care to cultivate a healthy environment in your home so that you and your family members do not fall sick. One of the reasons which can affect the health of your family is the presence of mold and polluted air. You might have wonderfully decorated your house but without deep cleaning and proper ventilation, your house can be susceptible to mold and bacteria.

This article will throw some light on the detrimental effects of mold on the health of your family as well as possible ways to get rid of it.

Side Effects of Mold

Mold is a fungal growth that thrives in moist and dark places. It can grow on old carpets, folds of your sofa, walls of your bathroom, or in your basement which is mostly devoid of sunlight. It can even start growing on damp walls which have been a victim of water leakage through pipes. Besides being a health hazard, mold leaves behind black and brown patches with a pungent odor in your belongings.

Some of the health problems which might crop up due to the presence of mold are:

  • Cold
  • Flu
  • Respiratory problems
  • Shortness of breath
  • Bronchial allergies
  • Lung infections
  • Asthma

Damp and moldy homes also give rise to a depressed environment inside the house which can lead to poor mental and emotional health of the inhabitants. Any change in climatic conditions can also aid in making the surroundings damp and soggy which can trigger the growth of molds. In such scenarios, you need to take precautions to prevent the formation of molds and also remove the possibility of any fungal growth present inside your house.

Mold Testing in Spokane

The first step you should take in making your house free from molds, pollutants, and bacterial attack is to get your house tested for the presence of these health hazards. There are professional mold testers who can make this job easier for you. Mold testing involves complete site inspection to trace the source of mold as well as offer total remediation to make your abode mold-free.

Mold testing Spokane also includes collecting samples of airborne particles and structural materials which are then sent to the labs to find out the quality and moist level of the particulates. Apart from finding a successful remedy to remove the mold from your house, mold testing professionals also survey and sample the affected surface to find out how best to prevent further fungal growth. A complete inspection also involves finding a connection between the affected location and the possible factors giving rise to mold growth. The professionals conduct the assessments with a specialized set of equipment that can gauge wall cavities and cracks to spot the extent of damage caused due to water leakage. The mold testers offer a complete check-up and remedy package to help you get rid of an unhealthy environment in your house.

Professional services also include health and symptomatic disease assessment together with thorough lab reports having root cause analysis and remedial recommendations. You will also get a complete documented report having a post remedial survey and the results of the mold removal process in your house.

All in all, you should take the issue of possible mold growth in your house seriously and call a professional for a consultation immediately. Mold testing can offer optimal solutions to help you get rid of the molds and damp sites, and turn your house into a breath of fresh air.

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