Employment Lawyer Benefits for both Employer and Employee

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Employment-Lawyer-BenefitsThe City of Sydney in New South Wales, Australia, is a vibrant metropolis that attracts a lot of global companies because of its strategic time zone span that meets the closing and opening business hours between North America and Europe. As Sydney attracts a lot of companies, the unemployment rate in Sydney dropped to 5.14 percent in 2019 as compared to 5.29 percent in 2018.

The low unemployment rates of Sydney are an indication that the city has functional socio-economic status. It is a good indicator of a city when most of its residents have work. However, residents who have jobs may have trouble staying or keeping their jobs if conflicts within the workplace are frequent. If the workplace problems are not appropriately handled by an employment lawyer in Sydney, it may result in workers leaving their jobs or companies getting sued.

Employment Lawyers

Employment lawyers are hired to give legal advice to both employers and employees based on the National Labor Laws of a specific government. These lawyers help to ensure that all employees are given fair treatment. Employment lawyers also assist employers in creating employee handbooks and assist them in amicably handling labor issues and claims.

An Employment lawyer in Sydney ensures that any dispute that arises between employee and employer is legally handled and that the results are legally appropriate. Some legal issues that employment lawyers handle may include the following:

  • Wrongful Termination. This refers to any removal of an employee from a company that violates local, state, or federal laws.
  • Workplace Discrimination. Discrimination occurs when an employee is treated differently than other similar employees as a result of specific characteristics or checkback backgrounds of the discriminated employee.
  • Sexual Harassment. Sexual harassment involves unwanted and unsolicited acts of sexual nature between coworkers. These sexual acts may include verbal and non-verbal interactions between coworkers or with persons of authority.
  • Contract Violations. Employment lawyers also handle cases where either party is not meeting the conditions of the contracts entered by both employer and employee.
  • Whistleblower Protection. Employment laws also protect employees who report the illegal and unethical behaviors of their employers towards fellow employees.

Employee Protection

As a contract-employee, your rights are legally protected against any abuse by your employers or your fellow employees. You should contact an employment lawyer in Sydney if you are experiencing the following situations within your workplace:

  • You are being discriminated against because of ethnicity, gender, age, health condition, or other characteristics that you may have.
  • You are sexually hit on by co-employees or persons of authority either through actions or through words.
  • You are being asked to sign waivers that relinquish the rights you are entitled to.
  • Your employer is committing violations against state and federal laws.
  • You are not given the benefits that you are entitled to as per the agreement in your employment contract.

Employer Protection

If you are the employer, an employment lawyer in Sydney will help you with the different employment conflicts that may arise within your company. Here are some situations when you need to hire an employment lawyer:

  • You need a lawyer to represent you during union negotiations.
  • You need somebody to defend you against discrimination or harassment charges.
  • You made changes to your company that will require laying off a large number of employees. Your employment lawyer will give you legal advice on how to handle the layoffs without incurring a lawsuit.

Whether you come from the ranks of the employees or the top management of a company, it is crucial to let an employment lawyer handle work-related disputes for you.

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