Winter Wedding Invitations and Inspiration ideas

Winter Wedding Invitations

Invitations to themed winter weddings could feature specific seasonal themes. You have chosen to organize your wedding on a  save the date special in winter. You can make your own invitations from delicate snowflakes to vibrant red holly berries.

Motives For Winter

The motives and styles that you choose to design your invitations could be traditional to winter weddings, for example, snowflakes, or they could be more modern in look, like an invitation to a seasonal wedding.


A few common themes and images typically found on invitations during the winter season are:

  • Falling snow
  • Carriages or sled horses
  • Twigs and branches made of Holly or Berries
  • Wreaths
  • Evergreen plants
  • The evergreen pine cones, branches, and even the Evergreen.
  • Snowman and snowwoman
  • Bows and Garlands
  • Snowy trees, wintery backgrounds, and Winter Trees
  • The branches of trees
  • Christmas decorations
  • Bells


Although many invitations employ conventional designs, There are several original styles. Some examples:

  • Two hot chocolate cups
  • Penguin couple
  • The dreamy winter town
  • White dots and colored stripes dots
  • Red cardinal or blue jay
  • Poinsettias
  • Red roses
  • Colored snowflakes
  • Invitation glitter
  • Personalized invitations (snowflake cutouts, etc. )

Other ways to make your invitations stand out are the addition of embellishments like ribbons, silver or gold cords, and snowflake ornaments. You could also pick a special paper for your invitations, for example, linen, parchment cardboard, or metallic paper for a distinctive look.

A Broader Selection Of Winter-Themed Options

You can get a sense of the season by picking a winter piece that represents the season or the holiday and including wedding information on the item.

  • Sleigh: Search for small clues to sleds. Attach cardboard using tape with wedding information. Send the sled out in small boxes or give it out to guests from the local area.
  • Decorations: Look for decorations for Christmas that are in line with the colors you are planning for the wedding. Form-fitting ornaments, like snowflake ornaments, could be a good choice. The ribbon should be tied to the top of the ornament so that guests can hang it up on their tree in the future. Adhere wedding invitations to ribbon, and then ship or deliver.
  • Knives or skates: Consider winter-themed symbols that are available in pairs. Find or collaborate with an invitation maker to design invitations that look like skates or gloves, as an instance. Make a glittery appearance like snow, or add velvet overlays to create a winter-themed style.

Color Choices

Winter weddings have a variety of colors to choose from. Although many brides opt for white wedding invitations, several other options are cool and icy to deep cranberries, and evergreens will be used.

Special Winter Invitations

Suppose you cannot find the winter invitations you’re looking for. In that case, you can always get customized wedding invitations that meet your preferences. Businesses that provide customized invitations include:

  • Divas Wedding Paper: Divas wedding paper comes in many styles to suit winter weddings. One option that you will find on Divas wedding papers is the ability to personalize your invites using photos featuring you with your partner. You can also coordinate colors, design your own typefaces, provide the wording, etc. Visit your homepage, or join to be kept informed with deals and promotions.
  • Coin: There are many unique and distinctive winter wedding invitations and stationery in Minted. Apart from unique products from their indie-based designers, you will find choices that range from classic to contemporary. Check out their site for more information on how you can make time in your busy winter season by letting them make address labels for your envelopes.
  • Invitations by David’s Bridal: As one of the most trusted wedding dress shops, David’s Bridal also offers thousands of snow wedding invites. The store has a broad selection of designs that range from laser wood cutting to snowflake foils and custom options to help maintain your name. Suppose you were required to establish a credit account from the company to purchase the dress. In that case, you could also use it to purchase wedding invitations.

Although special winter invitations are more expensive, If you’re looking for a certain style or desire something unique, it could be costly.

Winter Wording

The words you choose for your winter invites allow you to explore different words that are appropriate to the time of year. Many companies offer templates you can pick from or typically choose to create your own text.

Concepts for winter formulations are those that relate to:

  • In Love (with the invitation to the snow to fall)
  • Magic or wonder of Christmas
  • The joy of Christmas and Peace
  • Jingle wedding
  • Winter weather
  • The winter fairies story
  • Phrases are incorporated from your favorite carols.

Tips For Invitations To The Holidays

  • Winter is full of shipping and mail, and invitations, so make sure you order them early to avoid a rush for the holidays.
  • Invitations should be made in advance to ensure that it doesn’t clash with your travel plans for the holidays. Perhaps sooner than you are normally advised to do up to six weeks in advance.
  • Suppose you’re worried about a request to soak in a cold, snowy area. In that case, you might want to consider alternatives such as an invitation inside a bottle.

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