Why Should You Wear A Woven Banarasi Silk Saree for Next Family Function?

Woven Banarasi Silk Saree

Why are things made during your grandparents’ time preserved with utmost care and handled with such delicacy? That’s because those things were handcrafted, unlike these days, where almost every object is manufactured with the help of automated machines. Today’s sarees, even the pure banarasi silk sarees, lack the touch of human skills and finesse.

An Indian woman wears sarees on occasions that are important to her and the society she’s a part of. All these functions have a purpose; that is to bring together people with whom you share this beautiful society/ family. People are the key to everything that happens around them, and it makes woven banarasi silk sarees even more special. These sarees are handcrafted with love and care by a number of skilled workers who aim to make you look like a Goddess.

Along with stylish sarees, the traditional ones like pure banarasi silk sarees have once again made a special place in the hearts of Indian women. Let us know more about why these woven banarasi silk sarees deserve a place in your wardrobe.

One of many reasons to buy a banarasi silk saree online in India is that it is associated with the royal highnesses during the Mughal era. But, since then, pure banarasi silk sarees have become a representation of beauty and richness in one’s outfit.

Uttar Pradesh’s Varanasi, one of the world’s oldest cities, produces these gorgeous banarasi silk sarees online. These silk sarees are popular for their eye-catching zari or brocade work, superior silk quality, and magnificently embroidered motifs. These are some of the important characteristics of this amazing silk saree that will entice you to buy banarasi silk sarees.

These banarasi sarees are the outcome of remarkable talents and are an example of the Mughals’ great artistry introduced to India. Throughout the Mughal Empire, various outstanding artisans were proficient in the delicate process of weaving and designing. Since saree weaving has grown in popularity, Persian elements have been mixed with Indian traditional designs. In a nutshell, pure banarasi silk sarees combine Indian and Mughal themes.

The process of weaving pure banarasi silk sarees takes up to a week or more, with three skilled workers working on a single saree. The procedure begins with the selected theme for the saree being sketched on a piece of graph paper. The designs are often hand-sketched, but most of the time, they are done in pixel calculations and printed on a graph sheet. These cards are linked together after they have been punched. Once the punched cards are made, they are spun on the loom with different threads and colors to make the design and are paddled in an organized fashion so that the core weaving takes up the proper color and pattern to generate the intricate design, and weave too.

Woven banarasi silk sarees can be your go-to sarees when you flaunt your authentic and traditional banarasi silk sarees at family functions. Them being handwoven would add some weightage to your description of your saree. Well, jokes aside, but woven banarasi silk sarees do have a different charm than machine-made sarees. They are made very delicately by humans, just like you and me, but rather skilled ones.

When you go for banarasi silk sarees online shopping, make sure you have collection of woven banarasi silk sarees that are available in various designs and patterns and in multiple colors, be it individual colors or combined. One thing that remains common is the gold or silver brocade work on these sarees, as that’s what makes pure banarasi silk sarees special and stand out from others.

Religious occasions or any poojas are significant times when your family is with you. You need to have the right saree for the right occasion. You can check out red, blue, green, yellow-colored sarees or sarees in shades of them to get the perfect ethnic look on these functions. Along with them, try putting on gold jewelry to compliment your look. Also, do not forget to put on a Bindi and wear some Bangles.

Another reason for you to buy woven banarasi silk sarees online with us is the birthday parties among your family or any other get-togethers or celebrations with the fam. You would want to look somewhat modern and joyful at such events. Then why not try out some pure banarasi silk sarees in black, violet, magenta, beige, and many more distinctive colors. Go for woven banarasi silk sarees online in a floral and geometrical pattern. Sporting these sarees will give you a traditional but also a classy look. Pair these sarees with oxidized jewelry, Kundan or Pearl sets, or maybe tribal jewelry can be worth trying.

Pure banarasi silk sarees give their wearer and the spectator a warm vibe. So, no wonder people will take you as an approachable person. Along with the latest and gorgeous woven banarasi silk sarees to be in the limelight at your next family function, we offer customization services that help to stitch perfect and stunning blouses for you. We even offer a suitable petticoat for your sarees. We hope you’d pick up your favorite banarasi silk sarees online and get them comfortably settled in your closet.

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