Women’s Trends: First Date Outfit and Makeup Tips for 2021!

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Every date needs a lot of preparation in terms of the place, the time, the food that you are going to eat, the after-dinner destination, and so forth. Your first date with your partner requires more thoughtfulness and preparation than it has to be. It is the time that even the way you look, your makeup, and your outfit will cause you too much consciousness—as it will somehow impress or not your partner.

Finding the right attire, makeup, or outfit on that special first date can be daunting, especially if it is the first-ever date of your life. You do not know what personality and look to show. Are you going to be sweet? Or are you going to look fancy? Well, it is up to you and how you want your partner to view you as a person. But to compensate for this kind of struggle, we will give you tips on what to wear on your first date given the new trends this 2021.

Wear a versatile wristwatch!

Since you are undecided about what outfit to wear and you are not so familiar with the place you are going to visit with your partner on your first date, it is a great idea to just wear your most versatile wristwatch that will fit any look. For instance, your partner might take you to the mall to shop and dress-up, you can slay any look if you wear a versatile-looking wristwatch. It must be not that fancy, not that plain, and not that vintage—as far as possible try to pull-off a little sporty look.

There are a lot of watch collections and companies that you may stumble upon. But to give you an idea of which shop to look for a versatile-looking watch, we highly recommend the Rolex company, Cartier shops, and Tissot Watches. For those who did not know, the Tissot watch collection offers various watches that range from sport, smartwatch, dres’ watch, luxury watch, or the mixture of all these attributes.

Wear a moon necklace!

Pendant necklaces have been the new trend for women’s accessories this year. You can find any pendant necklace in any jewelry shop, may it be on an online shop or in any physical store. It does not matter where you buy one, what matters is that you purchase a good-looking pendant necklace and one of the most trendy is the moon necklace. Why? It is because the moon symbolizes the kind soul and intuition that any woman has. It also enhances the look and body features like the collarbone and neck. Wearing a necklace is c like bracelets and earrings. Just choose one piece of jewelry at a time! If you will wear a necklace, do not wear an earring anymore. It’s just that less is more!

Wear a magnetic eyelash extension!

To achieve a bold and well-defined look of eyelashes, you need to highlight their length and thickness. One way to do so is by adding curls to it by using an eyelash curler as it adds more volume to your eyelashes. You can also try putting on some liquid highlighters to achieve a thicker eyelash hair strand. If you believe your eyelash is not bold enough, you may also opt to use false eyelashes on some occasions and the new trend for eyelash extensions this year is magnetic eyelashes!

For those who still have not tried it yet, applying magnetic eyelashes is easier than putting on some fake eyelashes with glues on them. Glues can be messy and may lose in an instant. Unlike the magnetic eyelash that only uses magnets to keep in place – no messy glues at all!

We are not discouraging you to use a natural way of enhancing lashes like putting an eyelash serum every night. But to see its results, you need to wait for months or even a year and you need to put it diligently. However, first dates can be spontaneous and unexpected, so grab some magnetic eyelashes in case that you need one.

Wear matte lipstick with natural colors!

While we want to show him that our lips are bold and kissable, you don’t want to intimidate him with too much color on your lips. To pull-off, a daring, sweet, but cool look on your first date, the color of the lipstick that you should use is just close to the natural color of your lips. Just how it looks naturally without lipstick on. Make sure that it is matte in case that you drink a cup of tea or coffee together, it will not fade away. Matte lipsticks also remove consciousness that your lips might look messy if accidentally touched and will also lessen the chance of constant re-application.

Do not define your eyebrows too much!

The new trends of 2021 are natural-looking brows. Those who define their brows exaggeratedly will turn out looking like paper with a Nike logo drawn on it. In advantage, not defining your eyebrows will give you a sweet and kind look that a man will surely adore. No matter what, just be yourself and show your real brows!

In a Nutshell

We understand that your first date is very important. It is like the first step to a closer relationship. It is the first bonding for you to get to know each other. To summarize, our tips will be to wear a versatile-looking wristwatch, a moon necklace, a magnetic eyelash extension, a matte lipstick with natural colors, and natural brows. As we initially stated, these are just tips, but it will all depend on your personality and what you want your partner to think of you as a person. But always remember that it is better to show the real you from the very beginning. Just enhance what you have and avoid overwhelming makeup, clothes, and accessories. It is not you in the first place. We hope these tips help you out. Good luck!

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