5 World-Famous Celebrities and Their Curly Hair

Famous Celebrities with Curly Hair

There’s an undeniable allure when it comes to curly hair; It really adds a touch of glamour and uniqueness to a person’s appearance. In the world of fame and fortune, where image is everything, there are many celebs proudly sporting their curls – plus quite a few you possibly didn’t even know had naturally curly locks!

Let’s delve into the curls of some famous personalities and discover how they maintain those luscious manes (tips, please!)

1. Salma Hyak

Hollywood actress Salma Hayek is known for her voluminous and bouncy natural curls. While her tresses are often straightened for on-camera roles, behind the scenes she’s much more relaxed and embraces the curls. She’s also one of the refreshing high-profile celebs who has chosen to let her greys shine through, avoiding dying her hair.

She told Allure magazine: “My hair is curly and wild when I’m not working,” admitting she finds her locks can look a bit frizzy for a day or two after styling – but then settles down.

The actress has also revealed to Harper’s Bazaar that she sleeps in a silk hair wrap to preserve her blow dries.

2. Taylor Swift 

You couldn’t get a more famous curly girl right now than Taylor Swift. As any Swiftie would know, as a teenager starting out in the music biz, Taylor had the most enviable ringlets.

But in recent years, the superstar’s corkscrew curls have… almost disappeared. While the world assumed she’d invested in a great hair straightener (or personal hairdresser, perhaps?), the star revealed to Elle Magazine that in fact, her hair literally changed texture with age and is now (gulp)… Straight.

But never fear Swifities – judging by her appearance on stage in humid Nashville earlier this year, Taylor’s still rocking some gorgeous natural waves.

3. Nicole Kidman

Our very own homegrown Nicole Kidman, known for her versatility as an actress, has experimented with different hairstyles over the years. While she’s been spotted with straight hair on endless occasions, Kidman also proudly showcases her natural curls.

The actress seems to appreciate the versatility of her hair, effortlessly transitioning from sleek and straight to voluminous and curly. She is reportedly a big fan of vegan haircare products, especially hair-thickening serums to strengthen and lengthen the strands.

In an interview she gave about ten years ago, the star revealed she was embracing her natural curls to show her youngest daughter, Faith – another curly girl – that they should be celebrated.

4. Harry Styles 

Boys rock stunning curls too! Take Harry Styles for example.

The former One Direction singer started out his career with an old-school Hollywood bouffant quiff – complete with effortless natural curls flowing beneath.

A couple of years later he really let loose, growing those waves right down to his shoulders like a true rockstar.

Over the years Harry has embraced hair that is long, medium, short, and always with that natural curly bounce – until he recently shaved the whole lot off (much to the despair of fans)!

It goes without saying, Styles has earned his place as a curly hair icon… Although we must say we’re counting down the days until we can see those long, wild locks again.

5. Kit Harrington 

Game of Thrones heartthrob Kit Harington is another example of a male celebrity who has let his natural curls shine. Jon Snow’s curly mane became iconic, symbolising strength and resilience in the harsh world of Westeros.

The funny thing is, as reported by Buzzfeed, Kit didn’t even know himself that he had curly hair, until he was asked to grow it out for the series! He said he’d never grown it before so had no idea what it was like!

Off-screen, today Harington continues to sport his curly locks, giving him a distinct and rugged charm. Kit’s curls have become as much a part of his identity as his on-screen personas.

While some celebrities may occasionally straighten their curls for specific roles or events, it’s refreshing to see so many embracing their naturally curly tresses in real life. For us regular curly-haired guys and girls, it’s a great reminder that embracing our natural textures with confidence and authenticity is the true key to beauty!

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