Surefire Ways of Getting a Perfect Tan: 5 Things You Should Do

Getting Perfect Tan

Everyone, including you, wants a perfect full-body tan. Such a tan camouflages skin scars, enhances your body’s appearance, and keeps the body nourished. The changes give you the confidence to flaunt your body, but getting it isn’t as easy as you might think. There are ways, like sunbathing, that can help you attain the goal. However, UV and UVB rays from the direct sun expose you to risks like skin cancer and premature aging. Here are the five things you should do for a safe, perfect tan.

1. Consider Your Skin Type

Skin types differ among people, and you must consider yours beforehand. Doing so is the starting point of getting a perfect full-body tan because fair skin tans differently from pale ones and requires a different approach. Considering your skin type will enable you to devise an effective tanning plan. Such a plan will entail the duration of using natural ways or artificial, then resting for the tanning to take effect.

2. Use Safe Products

Safe dietary products are arguably the best way to get a full-body tan. Such things make your skin look tanned for longer compared to natural methods. In addition, these products protect your skin from UV rays’ effects. However, you should carefully follow the proper administering procedure for better results.

3. Eat Right Foods

There are specific foods that can help you get blemish-free skin. Foods like sweet potatoes, kale, and carrots can give you a perfect tan, free from any risk. Such foods contain beta carotene – nutrients that potentially reduce sun sensitivity if you have a photosensitive condition. In addition, eating others, like watermelon, tomatoes, and guavas, rich in lycopene, protects your skin from sunburns and gives you a perfect tan.

4. Prep before Sunbath

You still need sunbaths for perfect skin even if you use the ways above. But it will help if you have adequate protection while at it to prevent your skin from peeling and flaking. Scrubbing with a salt-based scrub prior is the best approach, as the process will give you silky smooth skin on which you can apply sun protection factor sunscreen. Note that it’s best to go for broad-spectrum ones that protect you from aging due to UVA and burning due to UVB rays. Proper prep will ensure that your tan stays longer.

5. Check Your Aftersun

It’s also essential to check your aftersun for the best tan. Aftersun are moisturizers that protect your skin from dehydration. The best ones contain mineral oil, anti-inflammatory agents, and other soothing ingredients that go a long way in keeping your skin tanned. It would be best to cool your aftersun in the fridge before applying it for the best outcome.

You undoubtedly want perfectly tanned skin, but some ways of getting it put you at risk of a condition such as premature aging. For that reason, it would be best if you go for safer alternatives, such as using supplements like Melanotan 2. But you should combine it with a little natural sunlight and eat the right foods. Therefore, use the information in this article as you work on that perfect tan.

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