Exterior Window and Door Awning

10 Most Popular Exterior Window and Door Awning Ideas

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Exterior Window and Door Awning

As the weather starts to warm up in the summer months, homeowners switch on their ACs to cool down the house. But it only adds up to more to your energy bills. You may even try to close the blinds, but this means restricting yourself from the outdoor views.

What if we say that there’s a solution to the problem without taking such extreme measures? All you need to do is consider installing an awning to your exterior windows/doors to easily control the house temperature. With this simple installation, you can enhance the value of your house while minimizing energy costs.

Need for windows and door awnings

Awnings have various uses than you may think. Although they are majorly associated with patios and decks, awnings are ideal for roofs, windows, and doors as well. Using a colorful awning, your home, or business can make a lasting impression on guests. After all, a shed or dome-style awnings catch the eye with their exquisite design.

However, when selecting an awning, you need to consider your lifestyle and your house’s location. For instance, if you live in a hot climate with an active family, you may require a strong, large deck or patio awning. It will ensure that the deck areas remain shaded and cool even on the hottest days. So, you don’t have to remain inside your house all the time.

But in case, you reside in a windy or rainy area, you need to choose a smaller awning that’s integrated with a nylon coating for protecting the deck or patio from rainfall, debris, and mold.

You even have to make a choice between stationary and retractable awnings, depending on your requirements.

Awning types

Here are different types of awnings that you may consider for your home:

1. Fixed Awnings

Fixed awnings, also called stationary awnings, are attached to the exterior of a building. Since fixed awnings often have to remain outside even in extreme weather conditions, you have to invest in a durable cantilevered canopy that can easily collect snow and rain.

2. Retractable Awnings

These are the canopies that are easy to fold and roll-up. Retractable awnings are becoming more common for houses due to their flexibility. These are also relatively easy to maintain, as you can easily store them if the forecast predicts extreme weather conditions.

3. Motorized Awnings

The motorized types of awnings are easier to program with a sensor, button, remote control, or motion trigger. They even last longer than fixed awnings, as you can store them conveniently in bad weather.

4. Portable Awnings

These are also called freestanding awnings, which are easy to move from one location to another. So, you can change their location to any area where you need them.

Benefits of Windows & Door Awnings

Given below are some noteworthy benefits of installing window & door awnings:

1. Sun Protection

An awning is great to offer you much-needed shade, especially during the hot summer months. This installation is great for protecting you and your family from the harmful impact of UV rays in summer.

2. Protects Outside Assets

Besides, you and your family, awnings are also great for protecting your outdoor furniture and patio/deck. So, your outdoor areas, including the outdoor furniture, remain picture-perfect for longer durations.

3. Keeps House Cool

Since awnings help you to block the harsh sun rays, it helps your house to remain cool even in the summer months. However, it does not block sunlight and airflow, like the blinds or curtains. 

4. Saves Electricity

Awnings are also good for decreasing the impact of a carbon footprint on the environment. It is because awnings keep the house cool without depending on electricity. Hence, it saves your energy bills while protecting your house areas from the sun.

5. Increase the Value of Your Home

While adding unique character to your house, awnings are great to complement your house’s overall features and structure. Hence, it enhances the curb appeal of our home instantly. That’s how the value of your home also increases.

Most popular exterior window/door awning ideas

Here are some amazing window/door awning ideas to consider for your property:

1. Aluminum Awnings

These are classic and one of the popular awning options to match your exterior. They are also durable to withstand harsh climatic conditions.

2. Fabric Awnings

These are usually designed with flaps and sides to provide extra sun protection.

3. DIY Window Awnings

With DIY awnings you have the option to choose the desired fabric, material, and type of awning you want.

4. Wood Awnings

Due to their slated or latticed design, wood awnings look more stylish while offering maximum functionality.

5. Rustic Awnings

If you want to add industrial appeal to your home, shed, or garage, the rustic awning is perfect for it.

6. Glass Awnings

These are a great option for shielding against the elements, especially in the winter months. Plus, you also get to enjoy the outside view.

7. Retro Awnings

These are perfect for an old-style home or a farmhouse property.

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