10 Simple Ways to Maximize Your Small Kitchen Space

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Kitchens can be described as a studio. Most cooks consider their finished products as art. And who wouldn’t agree? Plus, this art is edible and might I say, delicious!

How do you see your kitchen space? Or do you already see it fit to cover all your cooking needs? Most kitchens require a bit more house space, but if this is not the case for you then we got you covered.

We understand that most homes do not prioritize kitchen space. Most probably because they need more bedroom space and living area to think of. But do not let that stop you from recreating the kitchen space of your dream. On this list, we have jotted down the quirky and unique styles of maximizing your space. And to let you personalize the area for you to have the most creative and delectable food to ever be tasted in your home.

1. Get Containers to Dispense Kitchen Items

Kitchen storage ideas give you unlimited creativity, to begin with. You can start by considering every part of your kitchen. All cabinets, drawers, and shelves must be used wisely.

Collect containers for fresh vegetables and fruits. Containers organize your fresh produce and can save space for other kitchen equipment. To separate the equipment and the food, containers are very helpful.

Be creative and store away these containers as if they were not bought separately to fit your kitchen. Like cupboards, they are not seen in plain sight.

2. Have Everything Built-In

If you are not a fan of bulky looks, this may be the solution to your vision. Kitchen equipment like coffee maker, oven, microwave oven, and water dispensers can be built in your kitchen. The bulky appearance will be less this way.

Having everything built will leave you open space for your spice racks, collection of glass wine, or a beautiful vase filled with your favorite rose and dahlia.

3. Put Your Best Glassware Forward

Gather your ceramics and teacups from China and put them to good use by displaying them. To an exposed wall, it is best to put the best glassware, plates, or anything used only for special occasions to display. You are decorating your kitchen while making space for kitchen equipment.

Also, high places can be a safe place and are out of reach for children. Be creative and put on different colors of glass that shine when reflected by natural lighting entering your kitchen.

4. Repurpose and Recycle Old Supplies

Other kitchen storage ideas are repurposing and recycling old supplies. It can come from our office, old apartment, school, or extra wood from your home projects. The idea is to make quirky use of the recycled items available to you.

If you were given an old filing cabinet from the office basement, you can turn it into a mobile dirty dish container, or a moveable cleaning cart for cleaning materials for your kitchen.

5. Have a Pull-out Pantry

Sugar, spice, and everything nice, or anything nice. You will enjoy this pull-out pantry because it is easy to access and keeps your dry goods, and other cooking essentials stored neatly and nicely.

Pull-out pantries will keep your kitchen clean and organized. You have the whole counter space when preparing your ingredients. You can sit on the counter and even use it as a study area while having a snack.

6. Know That an Empty Closet is a Potential Closet

Baking is the most demanding of all the cooking styles. They demand precision and accuracy in every detail of the recipe. Baking also asks for pans, baking sheets, oil spray, molds of every shape and size, and more.

A walk-in pantry is possible when you have a spare closet. Better if that closet is accessible near the kitchen grounds. This will make baking easier when you have one space to keep all those baking essentials in one place.

7. Use a Floating Cubby

Floating Cubbies blend right in walls, well if you choose it over floating shelves. If you want something different yet not in the usual, install floating cubbies.

The Cubbies can be used as a breakfast nook. It can be a storage area for pans and plates. Perfect since your cookware can lean on the wall.

8. Hang a Plate Rack

Plates are delicate and often used to fill up with different dishes, maybe three times a day, every day. Plates are supposed to be like that.

Well since plates are delicate, why not install a plate rack that hangs above the sink. The rack can hold one plate at a time. So you can organize the plates and clean them to be stored in a safe rack, ready to be used again and again.

9. Consider Having a Sliding Ladder from Libraries

Libraries have this ladder with a roller under it. You can move it sideways across the shelves in the library. It helps you reach the top shelf where the book you want is seating patiently.

Well, the same principle goes here, only you reach for plates and glassware. It is cool to have a sliding ladder in the kitchen. It is unique and quite unusual since it is an idea that works well.

10. Stack the Bins

Bins, or baskets, anything you can stock up on each other. You can organize your kitchen with this idea. And to make it quirkier, hang tags to label them accordingly.

Decluttering is key for buying these bins. You want a clean and organized kitchen to be able to work and cook with much space and you should know where everything is when you are moving.

The Dream Kitchen

Quirky, edgy, simple, modern, and stylish. Every taste is welcome when you know what you want to do in your kitchen. The trick is to envision your space. Let your mind speak and show you how everything goes. Think of how you move around the space and how you can cook when your pan is hanging above the counter, how you can easily pull out your spices under the island. Conceptualize your ideal kitchen before bringing it to life. We hope this post has guided you to maximize your kitchen space. Visit now for more creative ideas and superb storage options!

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