The Reasons Why Online Gaming is So Popular

Reason-Online-Gaming-PopularOne of the reasons why online gaming is so popular is because of how easy it is to access. Because of streaming, games can be accessed at any time and on a range of devices such as computers, iPads, iPods, iPhones, and other phone devices. The games can be played without too much understanding of them required. Equally, there are professional gamers who will want to obtain the best scores possible.

Discovery Element

It is enjoyable to discover new games as much as it is to play the ones that you are familiar with. It is this element of discovery that gamers like. They want to come across a new game that absorbs them and is the very latest thing to be playing. They then want to share that enjoyment with other players so that you can all become good at playing it. Not as good as them, of course. There will be tips that no gamers will share if it is going to take away their competitive edge in, for example, their chosen sport.

If you enjoy coming up with a strategy, then that is useful in eSports. They are not just about skill, but also finding a way to win. You need to assess what it is that the other player is doing that is giving them the advantage and having them perform better than you. Once you have worked it out, they no longer have the edge on you.


With streaming facilities, a variety of online games are easily accessible. It only requires someone to have a computerized device capable of loading the app onto. The speed and memory capacity of the device should be considered concerning its ability to play the game to its full potential so that the best possible gaming experience is enjoyed.

Using a mobile phone or laptop, a game can be accessed anywhere in the world or during any situation. For instance, while waiting for someone to attend their appointment, you can be playing a game. At home, while waiting for a television program to start, you could be playing an eSport. If you are joining a multiplayer game, however, it is always best to allow plenty of time to play so that you will not be letting other players down when you have to exit the game early. You will soon find yourself in a circle of friends all gaining enjoyment from playing the games together. As sport is competitive, so are eSports. This is because the aim of the game is the same, and that is to win. Then, after that to achieve a personal best or top the leader board.

Skill and Achievement

We all enjoy learning new skills and computer games teach us those. Also, we can make use of transferrable skills from our hobbies and work situations past and present. Having a good eye, as they say, is good for most sports. Someone with a good knowledge of angles will enjoy competing in sports such as snooker. Those who like to see speed will enjoy car racing games where crashing is not going to damage anything material to them. They will sacrifice a podium position, perhaps. But then, it is only a game. Although, having said that, many will take a game or sport very seriously. So, be prepared for that. It is important to find yourself in a group that shares the same sentiment as you. Are you in it for just the fun element or do you want to be as competitive as possible and achieve the kinds of scores that make you a professional gamer by that very definition?

Playing video games has been known to boost a career through the skills learned, so, that is exciting to think about. Investing in gaming equipment could be very lucrative.

Common Interest

Being a gamer immediately gives you a common interest with peers. Not everyone likes outdoor sports and there will be plenty of classmates that enjoy indoor gaming. In a work situation, there will be those who game in their spare time that you would never imagine did it. You will be surprised. It can become the topic of conversation over lunch. Which will, of course, be a time that you can play a game, as well as after work and at weekends.

Gaming is something that you can take part in 24/7. What might be an afternoon in one country might be a morning in another but you may still find that it fits in with you both. It is like having a pen pal, as they were called before emails, where you would write regularly to each other to keep in touch. Instead, gaming allows for you to keep in touch through your new-found interest that is eSports if that is your area of gaming interest.

So, some definite explanations as to why online gaming is so popular. It is easily accessed by everyone with a suitable device, which is now the majority of us, it is a way of discovering new games through streaming, and it teaches us new skills if not utilizing those that we have already. Also, because of the popularity of online gaming, it is becoming a common interest that we can share with lots of others.

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