Which Plastic Surgeries are not Performed More Frequently?

Plastic Surgery Performed FrequentlyPlastic surgeons and experts in reconstructive surgery have dedicated their time to reconstructing surgery and helping people overcome their physical limitations. Some of these may be birth deformities, anomalies caused by trauma, deformities caused by cancer of the head or neck, etc. Others are just not happy with some parts of their bodies, and they would like them changed. After the surgeries are done, most of the time, they get more self-confidence and self-esteem. Currently, appearance correction has become very popular, such as rhinoplasty, mammoplasty, liposuction, and neck lifts. However, several plastic surgeries are not frequently performed but have been very beneficial to people who have undergone them. Listed below are a few of them.

Microtia Surgery

It’s surgery done to correct the deformity of an ear that a person is born with. One out of 6000 is born with this condition. The surgery gets done to give the person a normal-looking ear. The surgery is performed in up to four operations spread in several months up to one year. Cartilage is extracted from the person’s ribcage, and then it’s carved into the framework of the ear, after which it gets implanted into place.

Facial Paralysis Surgery

Damage to your face might cause an imbalance of your face and even distort it in some cases. One might also have an asymmetrical facial expression. The facial nerve injury might affect a person’s chewing, nasal breathing, or even speech and communication patterns. This kind of surgery is vital as it helps a person regain their typical symmetrical face structure, regain their everyday speech, chewing, and even breathe properly. The most common kind of surgery for this condition is endoscopic forehead lift.

Hair Transplant

A hair transplant gets done to increase the volume of hair on the head and facial hair. Many people who have undergone this are cancer patients who have gone through chemotherapy, losing their hair. However, a few people do a hair transplant on the chest or the pubic areas to make them look more masculine. Plastic surgeons also help a few people who are looking to grow a trendier beard.

Fat Translocation

Fat translocation is removing fat from one part of the body to another. Plastic surgeons are no longer using silicon for operations like breasts and butt lifts. Some people have a slightly big tummy area with a lot of fat, but their buttocks are slightly not proportional. Such people may consider the fat translocation to remove the unwanted fat from behind the knees, stomach areas and then relocate into a person’s desired part, such as the buttocks, to achieve a more proportional look.

Dimple Creation

It’s bizarre, but it is happening. A few people who admire having cute cheeks with dimples can now talk to a surgeon and undergo surgery to give them dimples. However, this kind of surgery is irreversible. It’s essential to be careful before deciding and think about your decision’s repercussions before undergoing surgery.

Changing Line of Fate on the Palm

Some people are somehow superstitious. Most of these people follow the laws of feng shui. These are mostly people who study lines of fate on palms to know the signs of life and such things. Plastic surgeons are more than willing to draw anything the patient wants on their palms in a bid to end the search for a grand destiny. It’s not a typical kind of surgery. Therefore, you will have to look for an experienced plastic surgeon with such reconstructive surgery.

Naval Reconstruction

Many people might not like their naval shape size or generally how it looks. So, they seek a plastic surgeon’s help to get their desired appearance. A few plastic surgeons are more than happy to change your naval into the perfect shape and size you want safely without causing any adverse health issues.

Eye Color Change

Most people use lenses to change their eye color. However, there are a few of those who want the eye color change to be permanent. The process is done by the plastic surgeon implanting a silicone prosthesis into your iris by making an incision on your cornea. The prosthesis can be of any color of your choice. It’s also possible to replace the prosthesis implants with a new one of a different color anytime you feel like it.

Plastic Color of Voice

This kind of surgery helps to lower the tone of a person’s voice. The plastic surgeon excises a small part of your cartilage in your larynx or even injects a Botox into your vocal cords.

The second surgery gets done to heighten your tone. For this surgery, the surgeon places an implant between the muscles of your larynx. Alternatively, the plastic surgeon uses a laser for shortening your vocal cords, heightening the sound from your vocal codes.

Calve Enlargement

It is a relatively new procedure compared to others that find several people embracing it; this is still not prevalent. Many people prefer enlarging and having fit calves by exercise in the gym. But there are a few who like having them instantly, which caused this kind of surgery. The surgeon inserts a set of silicon inserts that helps you get more enlarged and fit calves immediately after the surgery.

Muscle Implants

Many people prefer going to the gym and gaining their muscles and six-packs from workouts. However, there is an easy way out where people get a stunning and more appealing built body surgically. The kind of muscles you get will not improve your strength, but it will give you the much-desired magazine look.

The One-Day Breasts

It is somehow bizarre, but a few people have done this, and others might consider doing it. Most women do it probably when they have a new date they want to impress. A plastic surgeon injects physiological saline into your breasts to help increase them to two sizes bigger. After two days, the breast will go down to their average size and natural positions.

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