Types Of Biology Science

10 Types Of Biology Science and Their Meaning

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Types Of Biology Science

Biology regarded as the in-depth scientific study of living organisms. Biology also is one of the most interesting subjects studied, as it is very much in-depth and has a lot of topics which it coves. Overall it is a very wholesome subject.

Biology is more of a natural science having a broader scope. Bioscience covers a wide range of topics that one should learn.

1. Botany

Botany regarded as the study which deals with the study of plants. It would make the students aware of the different types of plants; it’s uses, benefits and origin etc.

2. Conservation

Conservation refers to taking effective long-term preservation measures for further generations. Since the consumption of humans continues, then there might be la imitations of natural resources. 

3. Ecology

Ecology known as the in-depth study of the relationships between different living organisms, which includes both the physical environment as well as humans. It comprehends the vital connection between animals as well as plants and the surrounding world around them.

4. Evolution

Evolution refers to changing the characteristics of species over different generations by relying on natural selection. It means the survival of the fittest.

5. Genetics

Genetics is the wide branch of biology which gets concerned with the different studies of heredity, genes as well as genetic variation in organisms. The extracellular or intracellular environment of the living cell organism might switch transcription of genes.

6. Medicine

Any substance used for the treatment of diseases or illnesses. The science of restoring or preserving health or physical condition by using appliances, drugs or surgical operations.

7. Microbiology

It is the branch that deals with biological science studying microorganisms, also regarded as microbes. These are infectious agents, microscopic unicellular or cell-cluster organisms.

The various types of microbes are algae, bacteria, viruses, prions, archaea, protozoa as well as fungi. These types of microbes might differ in terms of characteristics as well as size.

8. Molecular biology

This branch of biology deals with the molecular basis of various biological activity which takes place inside and between cells, including interactions, molecular synthesis, mechanisms as well as modification. The study of both the physical and chemical structure of biological macromolecules regarded as molecular biology. 

9. Physiology

It is the introductory study of life that aims to comprehend different mechanisms of living beings. It makes us aware of the basics of the functioning of cells at the molecular level as well as the iconic level of the behavior of the whole body. And the ways it influences the whole of the external environment.

10. Zoology

Zoology is the study that deals with the life of animals. It is the wider study of different factors such as classification of a wide range of animals, structure, development as well as physiology. A biology tutor and lecturer can help you learn it more efficiently.


Biology falls in the category of one being one of the finest subjects. It enumerates sic cellular basis of all living organisms accompanied by their energy metabolism underlying the different activities of life.

It includes studies of different evolutionary relationships among the various organisms along with their diversity of life on the Earth. This would give you an idea about the general notion of life. Hence, the above stated ones are the most prominent biological sciences.

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