14 Charming Beach Wedding Welcome Signs

Beach-Wedding-Welcome-SignsBeach weddings have so much to offer! The sound of waves crashing against the shore, the picturesque waterfront, and the refreshing breeze makes the beach an ideal location to exchange your wedding vows.

For those who wish to tie the knot with their toes in the sand, there are plenty of amazing ideas for getting beach wedding decorations just right. From wedding backdrops to centerpieces and dessert bars, there’s a wide array of options to choose from. We recommend that you start from the very first decoration your guests will see – the wedding welcome sign.

Fun and interesting welcome signs have become a staple of wedding décor. Let’s take a look at some unique outdoor wedding venue welcome sign ideas that can add a unique charm to your beach wedding decoration.

1. Palm Leaves Archwedding arch design

Use palm leaves to create a mini arch and attach a wooden board in the middle of the arch. You can write a welcome note and the wedding couple’s names on the board using a white paint. The pop of green color from the leaves and the wood will look stunning against the Blue Ocean and white sand.

2. Upright Surf Boards

The beach and surfboards go hand in hand. Decorate surfboards with colorful art and display welcome notes, the schedule of the ceremony, the seating arrangement, and the cocktail menu on them.

3. Fishing Net Display with Little Anchors

Tie a large piece of fishing net between two wooden poles. Hang decorative anchors on the net that display details of the event such as the date, names of the bride and groom, etc.

4. Mirror Welcome Signs

If you’re aiming for an upscale beach glam vibe, try adding mirrors. Welcome your guests using oversized mirrors with calligraphic art. You can even make a chart of your love story events to give your guests a glimpse of your exciting past. Customize it with metallic spray paints and markers.

5. Exotic Fruit Display

What’s better than the sight of exotic tropical fruits at the wedding entrance? Welcome friends and family by tantalizing their taste buds with fruits like lychees, pineapples, papayas, dragon fruit, grapes and more. Create beautiful fruit displays in large trays and dishes that your guests can enjoy as they enter the venue. 

6. Custom Neon Welcome SignsCustom-Neon-Welcome-wedding-sign

These look great if your event will go on until after sunset. You can find neon artists that can make customized signage to light up your wedding. The colorful and artsy signs will make heads turn and let your individuality shine through the event.

7. Acrylic Welcome Signs

A great alternative to glass mirror signs, acrylic makes for a durable and cost effective material to design a unique wedding welcome sign. You can adorn it with tropical garlands and leaves so it goes well with your beach wedding decorations.

8. Floral BoardOutdoor-Weddings

A welcome sign that’s covered in flowers will add a beautiful pop of color to the wedding décor. Use a large wooden board and adorn it with plenty of tropical flowers. Leave just a little bit of space in the middle to write a welcome note and any other detail that you may want to share with your guests. 

9. Chalk Board Displays

These go with just about all wedding themes and décor and can be a great way to cut costs as well. You just need large chalkboards, chalk in multiple colors, and someone who’s great at chalk art. You can give a quick guide to your guests by displaying your ceremony’s order of events, menu, seats, and more.

10. Small Ladders with Staggered Wooden Planks

Ladder displays look amazing. Attach staggered wooden pieces on to the ladder steps to write welcome notes and direct them to the actual location using arrows. You can even paint them up if you don’t want to leave the signs in their rustic, natural state.

11. Large Hanging Banners

Large canvas banners can be made and hung on to trees or wooden poles to direct guests to the ceremony site upon their arrival. To add a beachy vibe, a palm leaf pattern can be painted on the borders. You can even embellish them with a simple sentiment that sums up your entire wedding such as writing “Best Day Ever.” When you attach them to trees or wooden poles, they will be a sweet way of expressing your happiness on your big day.

12. Tiled Signs

Adding tiled borders on to mirror or acrylic welcome signs brings a distinctly Mediterranean aesthetic to your wedding décor. There are a variety of designs, patterns, and colors available to choose from. Leafy green garlands can be perfect for finishing touches and completing the whole look.

13. Personalized Welcome EntrywayWedding-Arch

For those who like to go the extra mile with their wedding decorations, designing a well thought out entryway can wow your guests right from the moment they reach the venue. It can be constructed using rustic wooden doors that are decorated with floral arrangements and your monograms, coupled with a central pallet sign displaying a sweet welcome note for the guests.

14. Poetic Welcome Signs

For couples who share a love for poetry, this can be a creative way to add a personal and sentimental touch to your beach wedding decorations. Wooden boards can be used to write the couple’s favorite poetic verses alongside a welcome note. These boards can be accessorized with leafy borders. Rustic tree stumps and potted floral displays can further add to the beauty of the entire signage.

Stylish and interesting digital signage for wedding and events that welcomes your guests to the event can make a powerful first impression of your wedding day. And with a beach wedding, you have the liberty to play with lots of designs, materials, and colors. We hope that these creative wedding welcome sign ideas will help you show off your hosting expertise from the get-go!

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