The Best Jogging Spots in Dubai

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It’s so saddening to find out that some people still don’t make the proper use of exercise despite lots of awareness and information online on the importance of training. Exercise shouldn’t be an option but a significant part of one’s daily living.

Most medical personnel suggest individuals must get involved in at least one physical activity as it is a medium to keep fit, shed off fat and prevent sickness. Other benefits of exercise include weight loss, boosting mental health, and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease to mention a few.

There are different types of exercise in which one can get involved, some have to deal with the use of equipment, and some don’t require any exercise machine. Exercise without any machine has proven effective over the years.

You can get involved in exercises such as running and jogging. For those living in Dubai, not having access to the gym isn’t an excuse for not getting fit as you can as well get to track shoes or boots on and head straight to any of the best jogging spots in Dubai.

Safa ParkSafa-Park-dubai

Another jogging track in Dubai is known as Safa Park. It commands about a 3.5 km jogging track, and it is one of the preferred among many others. If you are the type that wants a competitor or someone to jog with, Safa Park is ideal for you because you are going to find lots of people or groups of people training for a competition. The park has its closing hour, but since it is located on the perimeter of the park, one can easily have access to the place beyond the closing hour.

Jumeirah BeachJumeirah-Beach-dubai

The jogging track in Jumeirah Beach is a beautiful piece that makes the road to fitness easier for the inhabitants. It boasts about a 7 km jogging track, and it begins from the Jumeirah Hotel all through to the sunset beach. You can take your fitness level by participating in running or jogging with friends and family on a regular basis.

It is one of the perfect ways to maintain a proper body posture without you having to pay any fitness program fee in any gym center. You don’t have to see it as a tedious thing to do; you have to ensure you derive joy and get excited about it. Make it competitive and set yourself a daily target you must meet.

Zabeel ParkZabeel-Park-dubai

One other places where you can keep up with your fitness goal is Zabeel Park. The park is open to all, and you can quickly go there with friends and family with the same goal. If you are the type that desires to lose weight, then jogging every day will help in achieving your goal.

You have every tendency to lose a more significant amount of calories and burn the fat in the body. Make it fun, run with friends, and set a target, and work hard to achieve it. You will be surprised by the outcome, and mind you, jogging offers more benefits than just helping you to lose weight.

Pond Park Al BarshaPond-Park-Al-Barsha-dubai

If you cherish a spongy jogging track, the pond park in Al Barsha is ideal for you, but the major setback with it is that it is the shortest among all other tracks in Dubai. It is just 1.4 KM and one of the most peaceful places you’ve ever desired to be. The park is closed to the Lulu supermarket and there you will as well find many people of like-minded, so you can put on some challenges with your jogging to make it exciting and fun.

Mushrif ParkMushrif-Park-dubai

Al Ittihad ParkAl-Ittihad-Park-dubai

The park is located in Palm Jumeirah. Although it has a greenery atmosphere, it has its track where you can run but not the longest. The park is open to those who want to keep fit through jogging. Jogging on this path can be done in the morning or the evening since it has no restrictions on inhabitants.

The park is the best among the list in the article, and that’s because of what it brings to the table for users. Apart from the fact that it has a smooth jogging path, it has a swimming pool, handball and basketball courts. That means you can mix your jogging with some other sport and enjoy your time in the park.

In conclusion, jogging is an essential physical activity that will help you get the perfect body shape you desire and maintain a proper fitness lifestyle. With all the tracks in Dubai, you have no excuse for not getting fit. Get out there and keep up with your fitness goal.

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