3 Ghost Sightings You Won’t Believe That Are Real

Ghosts are defined as the spirit of a person or an animal that has died but continues to stay and appear to the living. Some people might not agree that ghost does exist but for some people who have experienced it by themselves or by someone close to them, they give us more reasons to believe that ghosts do exist.

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People from all over the world who have experienced it have their own stories to tell about them, from Ghosts who ask for justice to Ghosts who wants to have revenge and many more. There are Ghosts stories that we really can’t explain but are real and many people have witnessed it. These are 3 Ghost sightings you won’t believe that is real.

White House Ghost (Abraham Lincoln)

This might be one of the most famous Ghost sighting stories ever witnessed in American history. The 16th President of the United States of America himself Abraham Lincoln. He was assassinated in Ford’s Theater on April 14, 1865, and died the day after by a southern sympathizer named John Wilkes Booth.

After his death, ghost stories about the president circled the White House. One famous sighting was when Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands was a guest in the White House. One night she was awakened by a knock on her bedroom. When she opened the door, the ghost of Abraham Lincoln with his famous hat appeared out of nowhere.

That is just one famous sighting occurs in the White House by the president. Another famous sighting is caught in the camera itself by the infamous photographer in the name of William Mumler. It was said that on that photo where the former first lady Mary Todd Lincoln was sitting, there was an apparition of his late husband Abraham Lincoln.

Amityville Story

One of the known Ghost stories in American History is the Amityville Haunting. This is where Ronald Defeo Jr. was convicted for killing his family in their home in Amityville, New York. A year after the incident a new family transferred to the house and the family experienced numerous ghostly experienced in the house.

Two paranormal experts were tasked to investigate the house and both of them encountered paranormal phenomena. Ed warren one of the 2 paranormal experts who were tasked to investigate experienced being pushed by an unknown entity. The Ghost’s sightings in this house became so popular that numerous movies were filmed inspired by this real-life story.

The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall

One known Ghosts sightings that are popular in the year 1930s is the brown lady of Raynham hall. It is said that in this hall a ghost is said to be haunting. One photo by Captain Hubert Provand in 1936 is said to capture a shady ghost-like picture that is said to be Lady Dorothy Walpole the sister of the first prime minister of Great Britain Robert Walpole.

The first claim of the ghost sighting was Lucia Stone. She narrated that they have invited and gathered in Raynham Hall for Christmas festivities and two of the guests have seen a “brown lady” as they approached their bedrooms. You can search online about mysterious heartland for more ghost stories and mysterious stories.


These are just some of the examples of Ghost sightings that are hard to believe. The White House Ghost, for example, there are numerous ghost appearances but how come we can say that one of them is Abraham Lincoln? Another example is the Amityville story which gives us a chilling story of what we assume the ghost of the murdered family.

The last example is the appearance of a brown lady of Raynham hall which is said to be the sister of the prime minister. These examples tell us that they do exist. Their existence as what they appear as a ghost gives us the reason to respect them even if they have already died and somehow continue to give them prayers for them to rest peacefully.

Not all people are gifted to have seen them, and not all people who are gifted are grateful to have seen them. However, one thing we all have in common is that we know there are things that we cannot explain or hard to explain simply because we are living in a world full of mysteries that requires more understanding and evidence to give us answers.

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