What Does the Bible Say About Saving and Giving Money?

Bible Say Saving and Giving Money

God’s word gives you valuable input on how to manage your finances. The wisdom reflected in the many bible verses on money encourages you to shift towards faith-based financial planning. Placing your faith in the Almighty does not mean you neglect to save for your future by being careless with your finances.

You can only serve God and spread His word when you have sufficient financial resources to lead a holy life. Hoarding your finances for selfish interests does not offer the returns you may expect as it goes against the Father’s will.

Do Not Worship Your Riches

Desiring what others have is not a healthy trend. Instead, invest your resources diligently, and ensure that you can adequately provide for your family without getting obsessive about money. This strategy helps display your practical, responsible, and faith-loving side. 

You please the Good Lord by using your financial resources for the glory of God’s kingdom. As a Christian, you cannot invest in companies profiting from sinful activities.

Secure Your Future

The holy bible stresses the need to plan for expected and unexpected eventualities along life’s journey. It is essential to save for your children’s education, retirement years, or even sudden major expenses towards medical treatment, home renovation, car maintenance, etc.

Trust in the Lord without overlooking your duty to secure your future diligently. You can count on investment advisors guided by the Christian faith to direct your path.

Bible Teachings on Money Matters

The holy scriptures recommend that you manage your financial resources such that it deepens your relationship with the Almighty. When it comes to saving and being generous with your resources, follow the advice offered by the various bible verses on money. Here’s what they say.

Consistently Work On Your Plan

Laziness is considered a sin in God’s eyes; hence, you should strive to work diligently and achieve your goals. Cutting your expenses and investing a portion of your earnings are steps that indicate your seriousness at executing your plan to save.

Not making an effort to earn a living when you have your faculties intact is an attitude that the Lord does not approve of. God assures you that you will reap the fruits of diligent labor, so build your financial portfolio with biblically responsible investments.

Use Your Resources for the Greater Glory

Diverting your financial resources to promote God’s kingdom by assisting the needy and supporting your local church does earn you heavenly treasures. Since the Lord has bestowed on you, the ability to create wealth, investing responsibly keeps your faith and finances aligned.

Honor the Almighty by not investing in corporations that violate human rights, promote pornographic content, or abortion. Sticking to biblically responsible investing by trusting experienced investors who share your Christian values keeps you financially and religiously secure.  

Seek advice from a trusted source specializing in faith-based financial planning, so you give glory to God while securing your future.


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